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Are You a Computer Virus Guru? Take the Challenge & Find Out

written by: Matt Conlon•edited by: Mark Muller•updated: 10/21/2011

There's hardly a business in existence that isn't impacted by computer viruses. Chances are you've done battle with some of these infections, but do you remember their names?

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    Are You a Computer Malware Know-It-All?

    Computer malware has come a long way since its inception, constantly changing and constantly spreading. Keeping your machine patched and up-to-date can help prevent infections, and anti-virus and malware removal programs do a good job of fixing things after an infection; But, the amount of damage an infection can cause is exponentially greater during its first few hours of life, before the anti-virus products are updated.

    Since computers became such a staple in our lives for business and pleasure, more and more people have been touched by computer viruses. Whether you're a long time user of computers, or a novice, it's likely you've done some virus removal. In this quiz, we'll test your knowledge of some of the most famous and damaging viruses in computer virus history.

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    The Famous Worm or Virus Quiz

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