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Mac users are an empassionated lot, and they have good cause to be. Apple products include the popular lineup of Mac computers, Apple TV, Mac OS and software, as well as many other electronic devices. Though the cost of a macbook can be more expensive than a windows laptop, proponents argue the system is more intuitive, attractive, lasts longer and is less susceptible to viruses.
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Why You Should Wait for the Mango Update

Stop kicking around on the web trying to work out when your Windows Phone 7.5 Mango update is going to arrive. Head outside and enjoy the weather, watch some sports or play a game. When it comes, Mango will certainly have been worth the wait!

Windows Phone 7 in China – The Next Great Launch

While Windows Phone 7 makes a slow burning impression in North America and Europe it can push on with greater purpose in a very different market thanks to Nokia and local manufacturers ZTE, Lenovo and Huawei and the new Mango release of the operating system.