Mac User Tech Tips, Tricks, and General Help to Make the Most Out of Your Mac

Expert Mac users will share their secret tips and tricks on various Mac products to help you setup your Mac the way you want it to work. From performance enhancing settings to automate time-consuming processes, read about it here. 530beda0-d9e0-491c-9c6d-e5ee7169a75e 1.03.01

Improve Your iPhoto Mojo

Available as part of iLife, iPhoto is a fantastic app for anyone who wants to keep their digital photos organized. Offering image editing and other useful tools, the application can be configured in many different ways to suit how you want to use it.

Using a Mac and Windows PC Together

There are different ways to share data between a Mac and a PC. You might use Ethernet or wireless networking, restrict yourself to swapping files between devices using a USB stick or even rely on remote desktop, emulation or virtualization to get the job done.

Using iCloud on Your Mac

iCloud is Apple’s replacement for MobileMe. It takes some MobileMe features and adds to it. What are these old and new features and how much will it cost you? Read on to find out how to use iCloud with your Mac.

Sync Anything to a Mac

Apple Devices “just work” with each other, but what if you have to use a non Apple device or phone for whatever reason? No problem. Here’s how to get everything to play nice with your Mac.

Great Gifts for Mac Users

You want to give Mac-related gifts to the Mac users in your life to show how much you care. However, you use Windows; you may not understand the Mac way of life. The gift ideas listed here will jump-start your shopping effort.

Mac Computer Quiz

We worked hard to bring you a fun yet slightly challenging quiz to see just how much you know about the Mac. We guarantee you’ll learn something…painlessly!

Multimedia Mac Guide

Mac OS X is a great platform for enjoying movies, photos and audio content – as well as being the ideal system for editing and authoring your own audio productions and home movies!

Mackbook Troubleshooting and Repair

MacBook Pros are a big investment compared to other laptops. What if something inside it breaks? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place! Check out these article for how to keep your Macbook Pro healthy and to fix it if something goes wrong.

Are You a Mac Expert?

Think you’ve got what it takes to take home the Mac super-user crown? Take this brain-bending quiz chock full of tough yet fun questions to test your knowledge.

The Ultimate Mac Backup and Storage Guide

Macs are just as vulnerable as other computers when it comes to accidents and just like other computers, you should take precautions with your valuable data so you can recover quickly. Here’s some advice specific to Macs for your backup and storage needs.

Cleaning and Caring: Mac Edition

If you’re a messy person and you’re not quite sure how to keep your Mac cleaned out and at its peak performance, this guide is for you. From things like desktop organization that help aesthetics, to more complex tasks dealing with apps such as MacJanitor, we’ve got you covered.

Discover the Ultimate Mac OS X Guide at Bright Hub

Mac owners love their computers and Mac OS X. Somehow though, a little envy develops when they see Windows users tinkering away under the hood of their OS. Here we bring you a guide chock full of OS X tips that will add hours of fun for Mac users who want to learn more about their computers.

Not Always Trouble Free: Fixing Mac Problems

So, you bought a Mac expecting to be completely free of problems? Bad move: at the end of the day, Apple builds computers. Regardless of their reputation, these are consumer items that are just as prone to errors, crashes and breakages as a Windows computer.

Making a Mac OS X VNC Reverse Connection

Do you ever need to set up and use a virtual network computing (VNC) session but are unsure how on Mac OS X? You can create cross-platform VNC sessions using Apple Remote Desktop, read this guide to find out how.

Can I Opt-Out of iCloud?

Apple’s new iOS cloud synchronization service iCloud is available for owners of iPhones and iPads, but do you really need it? More to the point, is there any way that you can opt-out?

Need New Mac Messenger Icons?

iChat is a popular instant messaging program from Apple that gives you the ability to have custom icons. If you’re looking for some great icons, or want to know how to make your own, you’ve come to the right place.