Reviews, Help and Information for Macintosh Computers

With all the different Macs available, it's sometimes hard to know which model is right for you. Be certain you know which one to buy before you hit the store. Even if you already have it hooked up but are having problems, our experts will provide the help you need with troubleshooting guides, how to's, and tips and tricks to get it working again. 530beda0-d9e0-491c-9c6d-e5ee7169a75e 1.03.01

What’s the Fastest Computer: Mac or PC?

The battle between Apple’s white-and-silver clad warriors and the vast sea of PC boxes has been waged for decades. In this article, however, we’ll address a very specific point – performance. Which of these platforms is quicker? Lets find out!

How to Replace AirPort Extreme Card on a MacBook

So your internet stopped working, and you’re pretty sure you need to replace the AirPort extreme card in your MacBook or MacBook Pro. Well, thanks to pretty similar architecture, you can do either of these things with one handy guide. Here’s some step by step instructions.

Will a Quad Core Processor Fit in Dual Core Mac Pro?

If you own a Mac Pro, the chances are you spent around $2000 on the computer, so spending the same again to upgrade might not be an attractive option. However, as you will see, a quad core processor will fit in a dual core Mac Pro, enabling you to upgrade and save money!

Reviewing the new iMac 2011

Apple recently updated its iMac product line, bringing in 2 stock options for both 21.5- and 27-inch iMacs 2011. Here we review the stock or entry-level 21.5-inch iMac. Read on to find out whether this new iMac is worthy of your hard-earned money or not.

Extending Apple MacBook Pro Battery Life

The batteries that power your laptop are probably the ones you rely on most out of all your cordless devices. Learn how to keep your Macbook battery life at its highest, without sacrificing essential operations.

How To Get A Refurbished MacBook Laptop At Wal-Mart

Make sure you are getting the most value for the money that you are spending on getting a MacBook without worrying about the condition it is in. This is all about getting refurbs that are as good as new! If you want to know how to get a refurbished MacBook laptop at Wal-Mart, then read on!

Discover the New Apple iMac for 2010

Apple made exciting revisions to its Macintosh product line last year, updating virtually all of its computers with the latest CPUs and graphics. The new Apple iMac for 2010 was part of this effort, resulting in what many believe is the best iMac ever.

Lojack Macbook Review

There are several “stolen laptop tracking” applications available on the market – but is Lojack a good enough alternative? More to the point, will it find your missing device, or will you be buried under a mountain of paperwork?

iMac i7 Benchmarks: Just How Fast is the iMac

Intel’s Core i7 is the fastest processor available to consumers, so the Core i7 powered iMac is among the fastest computers offered by Apple – next to Core i7 powered Mac Pros and MacBooks. But just what can you expect from this performance powerhouse?