• iKeysToGo Final Cut Pro 7 Review: Keyboard Shortcuts for Final Cut Pro

    Final Cut Pro 7 is such a powerful editing program that it's hard to remember all of the things that it can do. That's where the Final Cut Pro app comes in - to remember commands and keyboard shortcuts for you. Let the app be your memory when...
    By Finn Orfano August 17, 2010 

  • Simple Keynote Tips and Tricks

    A few basic tips to enhance your iWorks Keynote presentations.
    By coreymol April 22, 2010 

  • Pages New User Help

    Making the switch to a new word processor can be a bit tricky. If you're new to Pages and transitioning from Microsoft Word, it might feel like you have abandoned an old friend. With a little persistence, Pages will become your new word processor...
    By Terrie Berry November 13, 2009 

  • iWork Pages vs. Microsoft Word

    You’re a Mac user running Microsoft Word on your computer. Why? You’ve been told it is the only option since you deal with a lot of documents that are sent in MS Word. Did you know that iWork Pages can handle opening and saving your documents...
    By Terrie Berry November 5, 2009 

  • Intro To Apple's iWork.com

    One newly emerging trend is the integration of office suites online. Apple's answer to this is the recently released iWork.com. iWork.com is still somewhat new and is in the beta development stage. However, many of the features that iWork.com will...
    By Nicholas October 14, 2009 

  • iWork ’09: Numbers - Easy as 1, 2, 3

    Numbers is Apple’s spreadsheet app and part of the office suite developed by the same company called iWork ’09. The latest version of Numbers includes additional templates, easy formula generations, categories, and additional charts making...
    By Chet Alzona February 22, 2009 

  • iWork '09: Keynote - Puts the 'Show' Back in Slideshows

    Keynote is a presentation tool developed by Apple that allows you to create sophisticated slideshows easily. Its latest version adds additional themes, transitions and animations, and comes with an enhanced theme chooser and built for easy file sharing...
    By Chet Alzona February 9, 2009 

  • iWork ’09: Pages - The Apple Word Processor

    Pages is a word processor and a powerful and easy-to-use page layout tool developed by Apple. It is built with sophisticated tools that allows you to produce great results, and with the latest updates in the latest iWork ’09, working with Pages...
    By Chet Alzona January 24, 2009 

  • iWork ’09: The Apple Solution for Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations

    iWork ’09 is a suite of office applications developed by Apple Inc. Included in the suite is Pages - a word and desktop publishing application, Keynote - a slideshow presentation tool, and Numbers - a spreadsheet program.
    By Chet Alzona January 20, 2009 

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