iTunes User Guides, Tutorials, How To’s, Troubleshooting, and Tips and Tricks

iTunes is great for downloading and playing media files on your PC or Mac. Our experts will help you learn how to setup and use iTunes they way you need it so you can quickly access your favorite files that you want to listen to or watch. Other topics like tips on downloading music, syncing iTunes with devices, burning music, and organizing media will also be covered. 530beda0-d9e0-491c-9c6d-e5ee7169a75e 1.03.01

Bring Back the Dark Backdrop in Grid View on iTunes

In the roll out of iTunes 9, significant visual enhancements were applied in iTunes, like the redesigned store and better Grid View and List View. And the Grid View changed from a dark backdrop to a white one. With iTunes’ latest 9.0.2 update, you now have the option to use a light or dark back.

How To Find Bargains In The iTunes App Store

From time to time, apps in the iTunes App Store lower their prices to encourage sales. However, iTunes doesn’t provide a section for app purchasers to browse items that are on sale for a limited time. Luckily, there’s a way to round up items for sale.

Internet Radio Stations in FrontRow

The option to listen to Internet radio stations in Apple’s Front Row application natively, or lack of, is currently one of the major shortcomings of the program. Here is a simple work-around to hold you over until Apple decides to add this option to a future version of Front Row.

iTunes 9: New Features & Improvements in the Latest Release

Apple has released the latest version of its media management app, iTunes. iTunes 9 ushers in a couple of new interesting features which make it a great companion to the iPod and iPhone on the Mac and Windows platforms. Lets take a look at the significant feature additions to iTunes 9.

Enhance iTunes with Apple Scripts!

Apple Scripts have been known to provide a great degree of automation for Apple’s operating systems. Many applications support Apple Scripts. iTunes is one of these applications. The scripts can eliminate duplicates songs, dead tracks, manage artwork, and much more! Read on for some practical uses.

Print Jewel Case Inserts In iTunes

When you buy a music CD in the store you get a jewel case with a nice insert in it with album art and track listings. If you burn CDs in iTunes you can make your own insert right within the program. Here’s how.

Generate PDF for your iTunes library

I’ve often times wondered how I could list out my songs without having to manually type them into a word processor, or else resort to taking screen shots of my iTunes library. I tried looking for third party apps to satisfy my need – to no avail, but then I found an easy solution.