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  • Creating New Accounts On Your Mac

    Have to add a new user account to your Mac? Here's the step by step process.
    By Donny Yankellow January 28, 2010 

  • Learning iMovie

    What is iMovie? It is an application that allows users to create movies from file sources like DV-encoded movie files or digital video cameras with the output written to a CD, DVD, DV camera or saved as a file on the Mac.
    By Finn Orfano January 25, 2010 

  • Top Freeware for Macs

    Looking for some free software for your Mac computer? This article lists 10 of the best freeware applications for Mac OS X. More than likely, you will have a need for all of these freeware programs at some time or another.
    By Nicholas January 19, 2010 

  • Buying an iMac

    Considering buying an Apple iMac? For the most part, they are great computers. However, there are some things that you should consider before buying. Check out these tips and pointers on buying an iMac.
    By Nicholas January 17, 2010 

  • Cool Mac Software

    Looking for some new software to add to your Mac? Here is a list of some applications that you may be interested in. Some of the apps will increase productivity and make things easier, others are just fun programs to have.
    By Nicholas January 17, 2010 

  • Buying a Mac or Notebook - Which to Choose?

    Trying to decide what's best for you, a Mac or PC laptop? This guide will help you choose what kind of notebook computer to get.
    By Nicholas January 16, 2010 

  • Top Student Software for the Mac

    The only fun thing about school is the partying. But, if you're going to be in school, you might as make it as easy on yourself as possible. The right software can make writing reports, doing math, staying organized, etc... oh so much simpler.
    By Nicholas January 15, 2010 

  • Which is Better - Mac or PC?

    The million dollar question. Macs and PCs both have their pros and cons. But, if you had to pick one, what would you choose - a Mac or a PC?
    By Nicholas January 15, 2010 

  • Understanding Macs - Differences Between Mac and PC

    Macs and PCs have been made out to be two completely different things. Although this is partially true, Macs and PCs also have a lot in common. This article will help you to better understand the differences between Macs and PCs.
    By Nicholas January 15, 2010 

  • The Best Free Office Software for Mac OS X

    Mac users are likely familiar with many commercial office suites such as Microsoft Office or iWork. Did you know, however, that you can get most of the same functionality of those programs without having to spend a dime? We take a look at two applications...
    By CompuDav January 15, 2010 
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