Mac Peripherals & Accessories

  • Everything You Need to Know About MacBook Pro Display Adapters

    Looking to run a second screen from your MacBook Pro? Wondering what your options are for adapters that will connect your MacBook Pro's Mini DisplayPort to a TV, external monitor or projector? Look no further, here is everything you need to...
    By Michael Dougherty May 17, 2011 

  • Round Up Of MacBook Air Keyboard Covers

    Have a look at the following list of MacBook Air keyboard covers that I've complied to ensure that your MBA gets the protection that it deserves from accidental spills and stray food crumbs.
    By normaking May 15, 2011 

  • Troubleshooting Your Mac Wireless Keyboard

    As with anything that has a wireless connection, there is a vast list of things that can disrupt the function of a wireless keyboard. From bad batteries to faulty signals, here's a list of things to watch out for, and how to fix them.
    By Austin May 11, 2011 

  • Discover USB Bus Powered Hubs for Mac Mini

    Bus powered USB hubs can help users connect more devices at once to a single USB port without having to swap cables in and out all the time. The USB hubs for the Mac Mini listed here do not require AC power to operate, are conveniently portable, and will...
    By Bruce Tyson May 8, 2011 

  • Macbook and Mac Book Air Decoration, Personalization, and Protection

    This article will show you how to protect your MacBook or MacBook Air from signs of time. We are going to analyse two kind of protections available: hard cases and protective decals and stickers.
    By Matteo DallOmbra May 7, 2011 

  • Video Capture Cards for Mac

    Looking to record some video from your TV to your Mac? Here are the two products that can help you do that.
    By Austin May 2, 2011 

  • Recovering Files from an External Hard Drive on a Mac

    If your external hard drive goes bad, how do you get those files back? Here's a guide on what you can do to get your essential files back.
    By Austin April 27, 2011 

  • Using the Top Wireless N Router for the Mac

    A good wireless connection is a basic requirement in a world that lives and interact on internet more than ever. With this article we are going to have a look at one of the best Wireless N Router for your Mac.
    By Matteo DallOmbra March 19, 2011 

  • What You Should Know when Using a Microsoft Keyboard on a Mac

    You should have no problem connecting a Microsoft keyboard with a Mac - but you might have trouble finding some of the popular Mac-specific keys without this handy guide.
    By Christian Cawley March 10, 2011 

  • Setting Up the MacBook Air for Wirelessly Accessing a Time Capsule Hard Drive

    Apple's Time Capsule hard drives are useful for backing up your data with Mac OS X's Time Machine or for simply keeping your files on a shared location that your MacBook Air can access. Read on to learn how to set up your MacBook Air for wirelessly...
    By Gabriele February 27, 2011 
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