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  • Need for Speed: Getting More Memory for a Mac Mini

    Upgrading the memory capacity of a Mac mini is a very important action if you want to do anything beyond simple text editing and web surfing. Here are some places you can quickly and easily buy memory for your Mac Mini without worrying about buying the...
    By Austin May 31, 2011 

  • Simple Storage Solution: Top Mac External Hard Drives

    If you've ever been downloading something only to get the notification that your hard drive is nearly full, you know that it's time to look into external drives. Here are your best options when it comes to these devices for the Mac.
    By Austin May 31, 2011 

  • Buying Guide: Finding a Compatible Hard Drive for Mac Mini

    It's hard to find an internal hard drive upgrade for a Mac mini because the computers are so small and compact. Here's a guide on how to locate what will work for you and what won't.
    By Austin May 31, 2011 

  • How Do I Reduce the Glare on My iMac Screen?

    Follow these simple troubleshooting steps to help reduce the amount of glare on your iMac screen.
    By Michael Dougherty May 29, 2011 

  • Improve Firefox Browsing Speed in Mac OS X

    If you find that the Mozilla Firefox browser isn't display pages as quickly as you might like, there are several techniques you can apply to make Firefox run faster in Mac OS X.
    By Christian Cawley May 28, 2011 

  • Storage Problems: Macbook Air Hard Drive Replacements and Alternatives

    Whether you just ran out of room or your hard drive broke entirely, at some point in your life you'll need to replace the hard drive for your Macbook Air. When this happens, you can either replace it entirely or just get an external hard drive. These...
    By Austin May 28, 2011 

  • Staying In Control: The Best Macbook Wireless Mice

    With the invention of wireless mice, laptops went from clunky and slow to control, to streamlined and easy to use in just seconds. Finding the best wireless mice to use, however, can be a bit of a chore. Thankfully, multiple manufacturers have got you...
    By Austin May 27, 2011 

  • Top 5 Best TV Receivers for the Mac

    The market offers a massive choice of TV tuner/receivers for desktops and laptops alike. To help, we've pulled together a list of the top five TV receivers for Apple Mac computers running OS X 10.4 Leopard and later.
    By Christian Cawley May 24, 2011 

  • Dusting off Your iMac

    If you are concerned about dust in your iMac an iMac dust cover might be the answer for you. Protect your iMac with these tips and tricks.
    By Michael Dougherty May 23, 2011 

  • Review: The Tubestick Hybrid by Equinux

    Want to watch TV on your Mac? The Tubestick Hybrid by Equinux might be for you. You can watch and record TV on your Mac and even see those recordings on the go.
    By Donny Yankellow May 20, 2011 
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