Help and Information for Mac Peripherals & Accessories

With all the accessories available for your Mac, the possibilities are endless. With so many different products that aren't always Mac-compatible, be certain you know which one to buy before you hit the store. Even if you already have it hooked up but having problems, our experts will provide the help you need with troubleshooting guides, how to's, and tips and tricks to get it working again. 530beda0-d9e0-491c-9c6d-e5ee7169a75e 1.03.01

A Review of the Top 5 iMac Travel Cases

The world is rough out there, so ready your iMac to withstand the toughest trips. In this article check out some of the best iMac travel cases, which give your iMac protection as well as security during travel.

How the CompuTrace Lojack Recovery Service Works

If you have a laptop and you are interested in protecting it then you need to know about CompuTrace LoJack for laptops. It is a wonderful product by Absolute Software. Once installed, it lets you know the location of your laptop 24 hours a day.

What is the Best External Macbook Air DVD Drive?

The Macbook Air is an innovative example of modern technology, but compromises had to be made to ensure that style, form and performance goals were reached. The absence of a DVD drive was one such concession, but adding an external Macbook Air DVD drive solves this. Here are five of the best.

Eight Cool New MacBook Accessories

Are you looking for something to dress up your Mac? Perhaps you need some good cleaning supplies? Whatever the case, I have compiled a list of some great new MacBook accessories for you or the Mac lover in your life.

Buying or Replacing a MacBook Battery

If your MacBook’s battery not lasting as long as it did when it was new? Or are you looking for an extended battery that will provide even longer battery life? If so, you’ll need to buy a replacement battery. This article covers batteries from Apple and third-party vendors.

Buying Guide: The Best MacBook 13″ Case

If you’ve recently purchased a 13 inch MacBook you probably want to keep it looking as good as new forever. While the realities of life are unavoidable, a good case will keep your MacBook safe from harm. We took a look at the best MacBook 13″ cases and came up with our Top 5 picks.

Buying Guide: The Best Apple MacBook Laptop Covers

A solid MacBook Pro cover will not only protect your mint MacBook Pro but also allow you to add a touch of personality to your laptop. We took a look at the best MacBook Pro covers out there and rated them for value, appearance, protection, and ease of installation.