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A Look at CamTwist

written by: CBumeter•edited by: Rebecca Scudder•updated: 8/25/2009

CamTwist gives many more effects to your webcam than the standard iSight.

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    A Look at CamTwist

    Steve Green has developed a cool add-on for your webcam, called CamTwist, that allows you to use new effects such as floating text and distorted images that aren't found in applications like Photobooth.

    The main use for CamTwist, though it can be used for pictures, is for live video blogs. Users of such live streaming sites as, and can use Camtwist to enhance their shows.

    The best thing about CamTwist is that it's a free program that can add so much to your show or photos. Using CamTwist can gain you more viewers if used correctly. It can be helpful if is there's more for the eye to look at then just the host. It makes the show seem more professional when there's scrolling text or an RSS ticker.

    The only downfall with CamTwist is that it does not work with iChat. So if you're trying to get these cool effects while video chatting then you will be out of luck. Also, CamTwist requires Mac OS X 10.4 and to get really the best use of it and to be able to use most of the better and interesting effects will also require hardware that can support Apple's Quartz Extreme technology. CamTwist can be pretty taxing on your CPU, so the more powerful computer you have, the better.

    CamTwist is an easy program to use and you can use all of the effects at once or just one, it's your choice. It really adds a humorous or professional look to your webcam. CamTwist can be downloaded from Steve Green's website. Programs like CamTwist can help bring out the creative side in you and your applications. Give it a shot and have fun with it, maybe you'll have the next big hit internet show.