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Top 5 Illuminated Computer Keyboards for Mac

written by: DeborahWoehr•edited by: M.S. Smith•updated: 11/15/2010

Are you looking for an illuminated computer keyboard for your Mac or to use in dimly lit rooms or during the night? Then check out what these keyboards have to offer.

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    Logitech Illuminated Keyboard for Mac

    Photo Credit: CSN I have used Logitech products for years because I have come to trust their reliability. They have an illuminated keyboard for Mac that lets you type in broad daylight or pitch darkness. You can type silently thanks to the PerfectStroke key system. That makes this keyboard perfect for hospitals, libraries or anywhere where silence is mandatory.

    Source: MacConnection

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    Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard

    Photo Credit: NexTag The K800 Wireless Illuminated keyboard has the same PerfectStroke key system as the above keyboard. The only stark difference between the two keyboards is that this one is wireless. Logitech's micro-USB cable lets you recharge this keyboard as you type.
    Source: NexTag
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    Glowtype Virtually Indestructible Keyboard Illuminated Silicone Flex USB 109KEY

    Photo Credit: 

    This is the first flexible keyboard that I have ever seen, although this one has been on the market for approximately six years. It is cross-compatible with any computer system and has an illumination feature that you can turn on and off.

    What attracts me to this keyboard is that I can eat or drink at my computer without having to be extra careful of where my food and drink are relative to my keyboard. If you spill something on it, clean it with soap and water.


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    Odyssey Innovative Designs ColorKey Compact Color Changing Keyboard

    Photo Credit: BHP Photo Video When I first saw this keyboard online, I thought, “Wow. That’s colorful." The Odyssey Innovative Designs ColorKey Compact Color Changing Keyboard has 7 color-changing, backlit keys that light up in dim or dark rooms.

    While I have no use for it, DJs will love it because they can use the built-in color-changing modes or customize their keyboards to suit their needs. It also has 3 USB ports for simultaneous use with DJ equipment. This keyboard is PC and Mac compatible.

    Source: BHP Photo Video

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    iConnect IH-K231MS Media Keyboard

    Photo Credit: Tiger Direct I saw this keyboard when I went to my local computer store. The only reason I didn’t buy it was because I knew that it was too big for my crowded desktop. This keyboard has all the traditional functions of the QWERTY, plus an additional feature that I thought was quite cool, the ability to charge your iPod.

    Because I didn’t want added clutter, I never bothered to buy a docking/charging station. Instead, I charge my iPod on my computer. The iConnect keyboard also serves as an iPod dock. It fits a variety of iPods, including the iPhone, iTouch, Nano, and more.

    Source: Tiger Direct

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    The goal of this article was to give you a tour the different kinds of illuminated keyboards for the Mac that are out on the market. While I've tried my best to find keyboards that are high quality, I know that there are some that I missed. If you find one that is Mac-compatible and is not on this list, please feel free to add it in the comments section.