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Roundup of Top Genealogy Software Programs for Mac

written by: •edited by: Michael Dougherty•updated: 11/2/2010

Mac users researching their family tress might like to have a browse through our list of the top genealogy software for Apple computers...

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    Family Tree Software for Mac

    If you’re researching your family tree, there is a massive advantage to be gained by performing your research – or at least recording your findings – on your Mac.

    Whether you want to add names and dates to a simple database or you plan to use a big integrated application combining a family database and online data search, there is a suitable application available. Those listed here are all available either free or as a trial – it is always best to try before you buy!

    Let’s take a look at the best genealogy software for Apple Mac computers!

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    Family Tree Maker for Mac

    Family Tree Maker for Mac -genealogy software program The obvious choice for anyone requiring a huge all in one software package combing family database, reporting options, the ability to add multimedia content and integrated search facility with, Family Tree Maker for Mac is also a great option for anyone who has recently migrated from Windows to Mac OS X as it features a conversion tool to allow you to use data compiled in the Windows version of Family Tree Maker. Note, however, that this new version (the first in around 10 years) is designed only for Intel Macs.

    You can get your copy of Family Tree Maker from

    Various features include the ability to print charts and books, scan images directly into the application and 6 months free access to

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    genealogy software program - GEDitCOM2 for Mac This genealogy software for Mac computers (Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger or later) is basically a standalone database that doesn’t feature any online search tools.

    What it does feature however is the ability to import images, sounds and movies, print charts and other types of report based on your family data and a customizable user interface.

    GEDitCOM II also provides 100% support for GEDCOM 5.5 format, the universal family tree database format which can be imported and exported to various genealogy websites and other software programs. Find out more at

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    Gene: Shareware Genealogy Software Program

    Gene - shareware genealogy software program If you’re using an older Mac, you might be more interested in Gene, designed for PPC Macs running classic OS; you can also run Gene in classic mode in older releases of OS X. Gene is an old-style, card-based database application, allowing you to manage people, places, pictures, print family trees and pedigree charts and it also supports GEDCOM.

    Visit to download this shareware genealogy program for older Macs.

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    genealogy software program for Mac Again for older PowerPC G3 or higher Macs running OS X 10.0.4 or higher, GenScribe is less a database of specific individuals and more a way to actually keep track of research. You might use this to list information you have found or been sent, and record a set of tasks that you need to complete; think of it as a genealogy project management tool that might be used in conjunction with straightforward family genealogy database software.

    Download GenScribe free from

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    Heredis x.2

    Heredis X.2 genealoy software for Mac Attempting to take full advantage of the Mac OS X user interface and streamlined integration among its component applications is Heredis x.2. Complete with the requisite family database, Heredis X.2 features an attractive selection of reports, easy database browsing and considerable export and integration options. For instance, you might export deaths and birthdays to iCal, or drag and drop images from iPhone.

    Designed for OS X 10.1.3 or later, hit for more details.

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