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How To: Find and Use a HD Mac wallpaper

written by: normaking•edited by: Michael Dougherty•updated: 10/14/2010

The best HD Mac wallpapers are found easily as long as you know where to look while figuring out how to change the wallpaper is an easy task. The best wallpapers are found at DeviantArt as well as places like Vladstudio and of course InterfaceLIFT as well.

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    Why an HD wallpaper?

    02390 alittleswedishlakesomewhere You need to get yourself a high definition (HD) wallpaper for your Mac since your Mac in all likelihood sports an HD screen. Every portable Apple computer that was made after the PowerBook generation is one that supports an HD screen. Within HD itself, there are a number of different standards that you need to know about because you need to find the right sized wallpaper to get the most clarity out of your system in it's idle state. A personal note on wallpapers and productivity — when you are looking to adorn your desktop with a new wallpaper you will be tempted by all the 'pretty pictures' that you see on various websites across the internet. Most pictures (read photographs) have a lot going on and it can be pretty difficult for you to see the icons on your desktop; more so if you're like me and have reduced all the icons on your desktop to tiny 48 pixel markers.

    There can be times when a certain wallpaper catches your attention the way that other few things can. In that case what you need to do is right click on all the icons on your desktop and then set a colored label for all of them — I usually use the grey label as it allows me to read the text under the icons even on the most foliage filled wallpapers that you could ever find.

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    It's raining wallpapers…

    02396 playingwithsunlight It really is raining wall papers done up in the HD size as other computer manufacturers other than Apple have also made HD sized screens standard for many of their popular models. In fact, if you aren't getting one of the UMPC/pocket notebooks then you should have a full HD wallpaper that you like with ease.


    Vladstudio which is run by 29 year old design wunderkid Vlad Gerasimov is one of the best sources for well designed HD wallpapers. You can head over directly to Vlad's HD desktop wallpaper collection by clicking on this link here. The bridge collection is one of my favorites there and you should definitely check it out.


    The mecca of all indie designers, DeviantArt offers you a chance to adorn your desktop with a unique wallpaper and make a statement at the same time. With categories ranging from Fractals to Fantasy as well as Plants & Animals you will find what you want here.

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    Back to the future…

    The has been of the HD wallpaper world known as InterfaceLIFT shut down operations for all purposes and intents a couple of years back. Luckily for us the HD wall paper craze had caught on before that and since the InterfaceLIFT website is still up and you can head over there to grab some of the most prized wallpapers on the Mac scene. If you would like to figure out how you can change your Mac's wallpaper then have a look at this article written by the brilliant Michael Dougherty here.