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Free Online Quickbooks Courses

written by: DeborahWoehr•edited by: Michael Dougherty•updated: 9/23/2010

The Internet offers a wide variety of free courses to help people learn just about anything. Some of these free courses are just as good as the paid courses, while others fall way short. This article covers the best free QuickBooks training online and what they have to offer.

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    pc and headphones produces online training videos that have helped thousands of people learn new software skills for a variety of industries. They require a monthly subscription fee, but you can get a taste of the author’s teaching style to determine whether to start a subscription. As of this date you can watch free QuickBooks training online videos for QuickBooks Pro 2010. The following titles are:

    • QuickBooks bookeeping basics
    • Creating a company file
    • Making customers inactive
    • Setting up time tracking
    • Writing a check for expenses
    • Creating an estimate
    • Running a report

    As you can see, there are quite a few in an extensive list of topics. If you decide to sign up for a subscription and complete the course, you will receive a certificate that you may add to your resume. A course for QuickBooks Pro 2008 is also available. Mac Safari users will need to download QuickTime 7.5 in order to view the videos.

    Source: QuickBooks Tutorials and Training

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    VTC Online & CD Computer Software Training

    VTC is another online video company that is similar to They offer free QuickBooks training in the first three segments of their QuickBooks 2008 Tutorials course. You may choose QuickTime to view these videos or Flash.

    They also offer a QuickBooks 2008 Advanced Tutorials course. Like the beginner course, you may watch the first three segments for free. The topics include Getting Started, Networking Alternatives, and Invoices/Orders & Estimates.

    Sources: VTC QuickBooks 2008 Tutorials, VTC QuickBooks 2008 Advanced Tutorials

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    Accountant Training LearnCenter

    Every course offered on this website is free. You will have access to courses that will train you on how to use QuickBooks versions 2009 and 2010. As an added bonus, there are free courses for accounting professionals. Sign up for an account to gain access.

    Source: Accountant Training LearnCenter

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    Training for Older Versions of QuickBooks has a detailed tutorial that will walk you through how to set up and use QuickBooks 2004/2005. Be aware that this tutorial is geared for PC users. Mac users will have to learn the command structure on their software in order to follow along.

    Intuit ProLine has a useful webcast on how to use QuickBooks 2007. You will need to download the Cisco WebEx software first.

    Flagship has a number of articles that deal with the basics of accounting. One useful article they have gives the rundown on Quicken, QuickBooks Basics, and QuickBooks Pro.


    QuickBooks 2007 Recorded Webcasts

    Flagship Technologies - Using Quickbooks

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    I have provided some resources to help you find free online courses for QuickBooks for versions 2005 up to 2010. Some of these resources will teach you the basics of accounting and bookkeeping software. Others will teach you step-by-step how to use the QuickBooks software to run your business, whether it be a small home-based operation or a medium-sized firm.