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Let your Imagination Soar with Curio 5

written by: rmervine•edited by: Rebecca Scudder•updated: 9/3/2009

Curio is an application for the Mac that features mindmapping, brainstorming, and project management all within one piece of software. Curio can even be used for campus notes. How does Curio work? Read on to find out.

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    Curio's Software is Free to the Imagination

    Zengobii's Curio allows Mac users to create layouts to whatever need they are looking for. The best way for me to compare Curio to a real life scenario is a bulletin board. You can tack on picture, notes, things to do, etc. That is what Curio does in a computer form. There is no limit to what shape and size your layout can be. There are multiple drawing tools from pens to markers. Voice and picture annotations can be added to any project. Notebooks can be created in Curio to your own tailoring. Curio also has built in outlining and mind maps. In fact, you can easily convert from outlines to mind maps and vice versa.Curio's Interface = Multiple Options 

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    Curio Integrates with Other Applications

    One of the most amazing core features of Curio is how it easily integrates with other applications. For example, I am an avid user of Evernote. Evernote allows me to capture through so many methods such as my iPhone and my Mac application. I can take any notes from my Evernote account and put them in Curio. I can make my notes look better by adding shapes, images and more to them. Curio also takes advantage of the PDF service in mac. When printing to PDF, you can directly send it to Curio. Also any web pages can be clipped directly to Curio. Integration also works with Omnioutliner.

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    Conclusion and Pricing

    Curio has an abundance of options to make any planning type of project possible. When you first open Curio, you may feel overwhelmed by all the options. However, don't let that stop you. I found that just my experimenting with different options, I can acheivied desired results and even better ones at times. I recommend looking at Curio's website for templates to download and playing around with those. One of the difficult choices in determining to use Curio was the Price. It starts at $69 for students and $99 for general users. Even so, there are so many features available. I find it invaluable as a student. Also, the upgrades are quite cheaper for loyal customers. In conclusion, I recommend Zengobi's Curio for students or anyone in business and planning industries.