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Apple Introduces iLife '09

written by: •edited by: J. F. Amprimoz•updated: 5/2/2010

Apple has released an updated version of their iLife suite called iLife ’09! Enjoy new versions of iPhoto, iMovie, GrageBand, iDVD & iWeb. Read on to find out how iLife can revolutionize your social networking and keep you connected with your loved ones in every way possible.

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    Upgrades to iPhoto

    iPhoto has been updated to include two new features called "Faces" and "Places." I think you already guessed “Faces,"! … Similar to Facebook, you can now tag photos of your loved ones, and IPhoto will even attempt to match the faces in other photos in your library. “Places” come with an ability to import location of photo information from a camera that supports GPS or an iPhone. And if you want to assign a location to a photo or event manually, you can do that as well. As always, it's easy to edit photos with iPhoto.

    Moreover, iPhoto allows you to publish your photos onto your Facebook and Flickr account. Photos published on Facebook can be given names along with name tags, which can be synchronized with iPhoto. Awaken the artist in you and create a rendered slideshow, which can then be played on Mac, iPod and iPhone. It is also possible to produce a nice travel book that includes custom-built maps of your intended journey.

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    New iMovie Features

    iMovie’09 comes with some great features that let you create striking movies quickly. You can add enhancements, special effects and make a clipping seem larger than life. When you haul and drop clips on to each other, an advanced editing options box appear that includes options like insert, replace, picture-in-picture, audio only and more.

    The new Precision Editor allows you to scan and also click on a “zoomed” filmstrip to watch clips with zoom and tweak, edit and cut them. You can use the other great features like transitions, filmic effects, speed variations and travel maps with animation to augment the quality and resolution of your movie.

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    GarageBand Updates

    GarageBand has also received a new update with iLife '09. It now lets you drag and drop tracks into the timeline and instruct you on how an instrument can be played with the "Learn to play" feature. Artist Lessons have original artists demonstrating how to play the hit songs, instructing the use of fingers and techniques. There are plenty lessons available including Patrick Stump, Sara Bareilles, Fall Out Boy's and many more. You can buy artists’ lesson at the GarageBand Lesson Store, which is available in the GarageBand ’09 application.

    GarageBand also brings with it some new guitar amplifier and also stomp-box effects. With the Magic GarageBand Jam, you can create a virtual band and also play along with them. This novel feature gives you the opportunity to become a music celebrity just sitting at home! You can also read celebrity stories during the creation of their musical pieces. So if you are looking for something innovative and adventurous, this is the right thing for you!

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    iWeb's New Widget, FTP, and Facebook Features

    iLife has modified iWeb to become more interactive and appealing. It now offers new great iWeb Widgets that includes iSight photos, video, Youtube video, a timer and RSS feeds. The new FTP publishing tool lets you publish your website to almost any hosting service. Moreover, updates to your website can now automatically be added to your Facebook profile.

    iLife '09 is available for $79 and a family pack in just $99. So what are you waiting for? Grab this up-to-the-minute sound and sleek technology and stylize your life!