Check Out Top Media Tools for Apple TV Owners


Handbrake is an open-source tool for Mac OSX that allows the users of Apple TV to copy content from a DVD and convert it to a MPEG-4 file to play it on their Apple TV. The tool will not copy everything from the DVD; instead, it will copy selected video titles on a DVD as individual titles. For example, if there is a TV series on a DVD each episode will be copied individually as a separate file. Handbrake also enables you to select between alternate audio tracks, if you wish not to play default tracks recorded in the created video file.

Handbrake enables Apple TV owners to include all their favorite video content in a single interface of the TV. This is great because it will save you from searching the shelves for a particular TV series or movie on DVD.

Handbrake is a very simple and easy to use tool and you will also find links to user guides and documentation on the HandBrake website .


iSquint is a free and simple tool for converting videos from the Internet into MPEG-4 format for Apple TV. iSquint is capable of converting a large number of formats including DiVx, DV, AVI and Windows Media files.

The tool has a very easy-to-use interface where you can simply drag and drop your video files into iSquint and it will convert and add them to your iTunes library. The conversion between formats can take some time, so be patient while iSquint does its work. iSquint is probably the best tool available that can convert a large variety of different file formats into something that can be read and played by the Apple TV. You can download this product from here.


Clone2go is another great tool for converting videos to an Apple TV readable format. It lets you easily convert many different video files such as WMV, RM, DAT, 3GP, RMVB, AVI and FLV . Clone2Go also lets you customize the audio and video parameters like sample rate, frame rate, bit rate, etc.

You can also import a folder of video files or a list of files and select them for batch conversion. Its easy-to-use interface brings convenience to users and you will find it very easy to convert the video files, with only a few clicks. To download this software, visit Clone2Go website here.


EyeTV is software that when used with a Mac TV tuner makes your Mac OS X computer more than just a TV. It is a personal video recorder that offers pretty much the same functionalities as a TiVo or cable/satellite service provider’s DVR, but the difference is that you get it on a Mac interface. Moreover, to use this, you will not need to pay any subscription costs and there is no limit of storing video, you can store as much content as you want until your hard drive is not full. With EyeTV, you can also convert recorded video into MPEG-4 files that you can later load into your iTunes library. The software allows you to export and share your recordings with Apple TV and it offers great solutions and lot fun when used together with Apple TV.

EyeTV’s latest version is available to download from


There’s not many people who don’t use YouTube these days and the owners of Apple TV should be delighted to hear that they can watch YouTube videos on their Apple TVs, too. This is made possible by shareware software called TubeSock. This lets you download videos from YouTube as MPEG-4 files to play on Apple TV from your iTunes library. To do this, locate the video on YouTube, copy the URL of the video and paste it into TubeStock. You will see a preview of the video then with a single click you can download and convert the video to place it in your iTunes library. For more information about this product and to download it, click here

Toast Titanium

Toast Titanium gives Mac users access to video recorded with a TiVo (a digital video recorder). With Toast’s TiVoToGo feature, you can view TiVo devices on your home network and copy recorded programs to your Mac. After copying the content, Toast will convert it for playback on an Apple TV and also drop it into your iTunes library. Mac users who also use TiVo find this feature very useful because it enables them to permanently store their TiVO content as part of their iTunes library. Toast also includes a few other tools for working with video and audio and burning content to CD, DVD and Blu-ray disc. If you wish to capture video from a DVD and play it on your Apple TV, you can also do so. All this and more you can do with Toast’s simple and easy-to-use interface. You can get your copy of Toast Titanium from here.