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Where to Find Mac Rumors and News

written by: Donny Yankellow•edited by: M.S. Smith•updated: 2/8/2011

If you are an Apple fan you are probably wondering what the next great product from Apple will be or what is the latest floating around the rumor mill. There are plenty of websites and apps for this. Let's discuss some that will get your started on your search for information.

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    Types of Resources

    There are numerous websites, apps, and podcasts available for people to follow and find out about the latest Mac news and rumors. This article will point you into the direction of this author's favorite resources.

    Some of these resources will be for Mac news, some cover news and Mac rumors, while others cover great products and accessories for your Apple products.

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    The first and most obvious place to start is the Internet. Here are five great website for the Apple fan.

    1. MacRumors is a great website that constantly posts Apple news and (of course) rumors. To find out the latest happenings in the Apple world, or what might be happening in the Apple world, visit this site. You won't be disappointed.

    2. TUAW or The Unofficial Apple Weblog has a little bit of everything. They have product reviews in addition to reporting the latest Apples news and Apple rumors. TUAW also has a regular podcast.

    3. AppleInsider Apple insider is similar to MacRumors by posting news and rumors. However, I have found that AppleInsider tends to post more information than many sites.

    4. is different than the sites listed above. MyMac does not cover rumors, and might occasionally cover news. However, what you will find a lot of at MyMac is product reviews, editorials, and how-to articles for you Apple products. You will also find several podcasts produced by the site including the Podcast. (Disclaimer- I am a little bias with this one since I also write for the site).

    5. 9to5Mac This is more of a MacRumors and TUAW type of site. They don't do reviews, but they covers news and rumors. They also occasionally post great deals on Apple products and more.

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    Podcasts are a great way to get the latest Mac news. I've already mentioned a few in the websites section. Here are a few more to consider.

    MacBreak Weekly Leo Laporte of TWIT and his roundtable of Apple experts discuss the latest news and rumors in the Apple world. This is one I listen to regularly. Mac computers, iPods, and iPads are covered in the show. Each show is closed with product pics by the guests.

    MacCast Another great podcast for general Mac news and rumors.

    Mac Roundtable This is another podcast with a panel of guests discussing the latest in the Apple world. Many of the guests are often hosts and participants in the other podcasts mentioned already.

    You might ask "Why do I need so many podcasts about the same thing?" I can give you two reasons. First, it never hurts to get a different opinion on the same topic. Second, these are suggestions. If you only listen to one, you might want to try these first and see if you like them before trying to sort through the hundreds available in iTunes.

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    Another great resource for Apple news are apps. If you own an iPod or iPad there are many apps available to get the latest news in the Apple world. Many of the websites mentioned above have apps that allow you to access the information from the website in a nice package.

    Screen shot 2011-02-08 at 9.02.44 AM 

    Another great app provider has become magazines. Both MacWorld and MacLife have great apps that are based on their magazines.


    So, as you can see there are plenty of resources to keep up with the latest news and rumors for Apple. If you want even more just do an Internet search for "Mac News" and you will find plenty more sites and resources that are too numerous to list here.