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Linux is a power open source operating system available in many different distributions. Anyone is free to use the code and modify it, as well as create new software for use on it, an example of which is GIMP. Though not one of the most popular, mainstream operating systems, there are many die-hard linux users out there.
Here to disucss the latest in Linux developments is our team of fans and fanatics. Join in the discussion to share your own opinions and views.

Obesity is Not in Your Genes

Those who think obesity is due to their genetic makeup relish any news that ‘fat genes’ have been found as they look to blame something else for their predicament rather than their own habits and behavior. They are wide of the mark. If you are obese it’s because you choose to be that way.

Is Autism Hereditary?

Although the exact causes of childhood autism have not been identified to date, there has been much emphasis on genetics as the most important factor in its causation. Other factors in addition to heredity, are now being linked more closely to this developmental disorder.