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  • A Guide to Linux Programming with PHP - Commenting and Executing Code

    This article, among other things will show you how to comment code. You should learn the habit of writing comments in your code now! Commenting allows you to look at your code at a later date and understand what you were getting your code to do. After...
    By Berry van der Linden January 27, 2011 

  • An Introduction to Open Source Technology

    One of the most misunderstood terms of the information age is open source technology. Read this article to explore a definition and some basic concepts behind open source technology.
    By John Garger November 9, 2010 

  • Recovering Excel Files in Linux

    Losing important documents - especially spreadsheets - can be a big hassle and really interrupt work flow. Using PhotoRec - an open source tool for Linux - you can quickly recover lost documents.
    By Chad Anderson October 26, 2010 

  • ISO Files, Ubuntu Linux and You

    We've all seen them. ISO Files. What are they and what can we, as Ubuntu Linux users, do with them? Lets take a quick look at the history of the ISO File format and what it is used for in modern day computing.
    By Michael Dougherty August 23, 2010 

  • Debian's APT - Top Package Management

    APT (Advanced Packaging Tool) is a high-level package management tool used in Debian-based Linux distributions. In this article we review APT in detail.
    By Tolga BALCI August 8, 2010 

  • Red Hat's RPM

    In our third article in the series, we review Red Hat, specifically the Linux giant's package management system RPM (Red Hat Package Manager) discussing its installation process, GUI, feature richness and seamless integration.
    By Tolga BALCI August 8, 2010 

  • How To Perform A Backup Recovery in Linux

    This article goes through the basics of performing a recovery using dd and then covers how you can use the Ubuntu Simple Backup application to do the same thing, which is a lot more user friendly.
    By Daniel Case August 8, 2010 

  • How to Install a Second Hard Drive to Kubuntu

    If you are considering purchasing another hard disk for your Kubuntu box but are wondering how to install it, here are our simple, step-by-step instructions.
    By Tolga BALCI August 5, 2010 

  • Do not Install Ubuntu but Try It: No Changes to Your Existing Windows System

    Ubuntu and all other Linux distributions are a joy to work with. However, for some reason or another, users have other operating systems installed and they do not know how to try Ubuntu without damaging their existing installation. Inside is our guide...
    By Tolga BALCI August 5, 2010 

  • How Do I Make a Linux Boot Disk in Windows?

    Even though no true Linux user wants to use Windows for very long, there are times when using a Microsoft operating system is unavoidable. Knowing how to create a Linux boot disk in Windows is important.
    By sinisterporpoise July 23, 2010 
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