Linux Security Tips & Tweaks: Troubleshooting, Tutorials & User Guides To Enhance Your Linux Platform Security

The subject of personal computer security is of critical importance to anyone running a PC, whether thats on Linux, Windows or a Mac. Here we look at the quality and lock down configurability of Linux as a superior OS in terms of security. If you don’t have complete Linux security you are at risk from malicious and non malicious attacks. In this topic we look at what’s new in Linux security, Linux security in enterprise and Linux security in the home. This community of user guides, tips, tweaks and troubleshooting discussions should enable you to stay ahead of the game and maintain a secure Linux environment. 530beda0-d9e0-491c-9c6d-e5ee7169a75e 1.03.01

Top Linux Security Tips

Online threats can target Linux computers just as easily as they can attack Windows PCs, so be aware of the threats and the steps required to defend your computer from intrusions, Trojans, viruses and other security risks.

Configuring Secure Email for Ubuntu

Its bad enough that your exploits at last years Christmas party have already received a million hits on YouTube. At least your emails can still be sealed tighter than an Egyptian tomb thanks to the powerful encryption tools provided by Ubuntu. Learn how to get Top-Secret quality encryption!

How to Lock Ubuntu When Using Remote Desktop

If you’ve ever tried a remote desktop connection to Ubuntu, you have probably discovered that everyone can see what you’re doing – not very secure! Creating a secure session over a VNC, however, will allow you to do this, while using a standard SSH connection will afford secure command line access.

Seahorse Setup on Ubuntu

Seahorse, also known as Passwords & Encryption, is an application included with Ubuntu that allows you to manage your PGP and SSH encryption keys. Seahorse integrates with the Ubuntu desktop, allowing you to encrypt, decrypt and sign files with your keys.

Debian: BestCrypt Installation & Usage

BestCrypt is a commercial encryption program developed by Jetico which runs Linux distributions such as Debian as well as Windows and Mac OS X. While Debian includes encryption utilities, BestCrypt lets you use the same encrypted containers on multiple operating systems.

How to Configure the Mandriva Firewall

Firewalls protect your computer against access from unauthorized sources and shield certain services from the Internet. Mandriva Linux includes a firewall which you can configure through the Mandriva Linux Control Center.

Managing Linux Firewalls – The Easy Way

This article will go through some history of the iptables firewall and why it is so secure and robust. Then it will give you a simple way to set up your own rules without the need of writing any commands! It will also give you a link if you do need a more complicated firewall to be set up.

Working With Linux Permissions

Anyone aspiring to work as a Linux administrator must master working with Linux permissions. Even if you’re not interested in administrative work, you might want to learn the basics which will allow you to share your computer with others while protecting your data and the system.

Linux File Permissions

A basic understanding of Linux file permissions is very helpful to users of Linux distributions developed for production in an environment where security of data is vital. It’s also useful to the user of the home Personal Computer (PC).

Making a Gateway on Linux Using FireStarter

Networking is the bread and butter of GNU/Linux or Linux, but some system administrators may find it difficult to maximize the potential of Linux routing mechanisms. Enter FireStarter, a GUI for defining firewall policies in Linux.

Antivirus Software for Ubuntu OS

We all know that Linux is immune to viruses and other nasty malware. However, there are still reasons to install an antivirus program on your Linux computer. Inside we will discuss why and take a look at the available antivirus software for your Ubuntu installation.

Using Damn Small Linux Software for PC Security

You can use Damn Small Linux software on a live CD or USB drive to help to protect yourself when traveling or using public access PCs. PC security is more necessary, and more difficult than ever before. Scams are everywhere, and the theft of personal data is rampant. Here’s how to protect yourself.