Linux Office Suites & Management Software: Tutorials, Guides and Tips For Linux Applications

The following topic looks at your Linux software management needs and Linux office based PC performance from an application stand point. Taking a browse through the wealth of powerful office applications and document management tools that are available for the Linux platform. Then providing in depth coverage, user guides, product reviews and troubleshooting tips on the best Linux compliant word processing, spreadsheet, graphics, presentation and email packages. We look at applications such as OpenOffice, GNOME-Office and StarOffice. Beryl, Checkgmail and Liferea, to cover all the personal PC producivity suites you need. 530beda0-d9e0-491c-9c6d-e5ee7169a75e 1.03.01

Guide to Managing Linux Applications

Open source distros are quite different to Windows, so if you’re getting ready to use Linux for the first time you will probably be unaware of the various ways in which you can add and remove software, as well as generally manage Linux applications…

The Best Open Source Slideshow Software

Remember your Uncle’s Bobs endless slideshows? Think of all the hours he had to put in converting his negatives into a projector friendly format. Today, thanks to digital photography and the universe of open source sideshow software, you can produce slideshows of professional quality!

How To Backup A Ubuntu System

In this article I will go through various clever, catchy and automated ways that you can back up your Linux system and ensure all your media and files are safe from hardware failure, software failure and user error. After reading this you have no excuse not to back everything up!

Create an Adobe PDF Printer in Ubuntu

For Windows users, creating a PDF document can mean spending almost $100 to purchase a single application, but for Linux users it is a very different story. Ubuntu users can use the following steps to create portable documents with very little effort and absolutely no financial outlay!

BackTrack Linux Review

This penetration testing distribution is meant for anyone in the information security field. It comes with a mass of tools that can be used for data gathering, forensics, penetration testing, and remote exploitation.

Best Ubuntu Backup Tools

In this article I will go through some of the best Ubuntu backup tools to have in your arsenal in order to protect your data against hard drive failure and other unforeseen circumstances. I will go through one simple method which I would advise anyone to use, and also a more advance method.

Distributions of Linux: Xandros

Xandros Linux is the Linux distribution included with the popular Asus Eee PC and has followed a very different path than most Linux distributors. Xandros developed their Linux distribution with corporate business users in mind, and now are interested in the the OEM market for portable devices.

Home Designer Software for Linux

If you are moving or if you are thinking about making some redesign at home, then you have to measure everything in order to decide what to put where. With Linux, this can be entertaining and fun. Plus, you will have a plan that looks like one drawn by a professional!

Free Data Backup Software in Linux – A Comparison

Scared of losing your work while using Linux? Let us help you out. We take a look at five backup software solutions for Linux that will allow you to keep your work safe whether you are a one-man-company or a large enterprise running multiple servers and employing hundreds of people.