Linux Performance Tips, Tweaks, Troubleshooting & User Guides: Getting The Most From Your Linux PC

Your Linux operating system combines great flexibility, security and stealth, to enrich your PCs performance and stability. Without optimized Linux performance your system won’t boot in a timely fashion, applications won’t launch correctly and you will become more and more annoyed at the functionality and features at your diminishing disposal. In this topic we provide the best ways to improve Linux performance by offering advice and guidance, tips and tweaks. Whether it is Linux Ubuntu or Debian, Gnome or KDE, these tips, tweaks, guides and discussions aim to enlighten you, the Linux user, and enrich your entire PC experience. 530beda0-d9e0-491c-9c6d-e5ee7169a75e 1.03.01

Starting Stopped Jobs in Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu, like other Linux distributions, can use a keyboard shortcut to stop jobs currently executing in the terminal. You can use a variety of terminal commands to start stopped jobs in the foreground or background, list them or terminate them.

Monitor Calibration: Linux Howto

Looking for a quick and easy way to calibrate your monitor in Linux? Look no further, as these easy steps will help you get the best possible image from your monitor barring the use of a hardware solution.

Using File Systems on Linux: NTFS

Linux didn’t always have full read/write support for Windows NTFS partitions, but now it does with the NTFS-3G driver. Learn how to mount NTFS partitions graphically or with Linux terminal commands, and the history of NTFS support on Linux

How to Check Linux Disk Space

Linux disk space usage can be checked from the prompt if you use the appropriate commands or with the help of graphical tools. Needless to say, graphical tools for Linux disk space are easier to use, but shell commands can give you more information.

How to Get More Free Linux software

Linux is an operating system that is becoming very popular nowadays, with so many applications and software available in the market, the user experience is becoming more easy, fun and secure. Linux operating system offer more security and features than windows.

How to Format in Linux

Today most of the people are turning towards Linux operating system because it provides better protection against viruses and malware. There are so many different applications available for Linux that makes it more fun and easy to use and manage.

Guide to Disable Hardware in Linux

At this time, disabling hardware under Linux is still a tricky business. There is no hardware gui like there is in Windows. So, when you want to disable a hardware device you must either remove the kernel module (driver), or blacklist it.