Linux Desktop Environment Tutorials, User Guides & Troubleshooting Tips For An Optimized Linux GUI

The Linux Desktop Environment is an outstanding GUI on which to run applications and deliver personal computer services. Here we look at the Linux desktop, whether it’s Gnome, Gimp, KDE or any other GUI development in the wonderful world of Linux desktop environment architecture. Here we aim to enrich the Linux users computer experience, providing enhanced features, stimulating front end navigation, and offering slick interfacing across the Linux platform. 530beda0-d9e0-491c-9c6d-e5ee7169a75e 1.03.01

Free Linux Distribution Downloads and CDs

The great thing about Linux is that it’s pretty much completely free. Except for a few distributions and applications, you can download every application and distribution at no cost. Here we take a look at the most popular places, websites, and methods through which you can obtain Linux for free.

Feel At Ease Migrating to Evolution

If you’re a Windows user looking to migrate to Linux then you might be concerned about a replacement for Outlook. Fortunately there is an outstanding groupware client called Evolution. In this Bright Hub article you will see just how similar Evolution is to Outlook.

KDE and Windows XP Desktops – KDE vs. Windows XP

If you are considering making the move from Windows XP to a Linux-based desktop, fear not. The KDE desktop makes this journey easy. From the panel to the menu, you will find many similarities between the two. In this Bright Hub article you will see how similar KDE and XP really are.

From Windows XP to GNOME – Windows XP vs. GNOME Desktop

If you are considering migrating to Linux then you might be curious what is in store for you. Fortunately, if you are migrating from Windows XP you can rest assured that, although the desktops are different, GNOME is easy to use. In this Bright Hub article you will learn the major differences.

Linux Desktop: Running ps2pdf with Moonshiner

ps2pdf is a great utility for converting Postscript files to PDF. The main drawback is that you need to remember and type a lot of options at the command line to take advantage of ps2pdf’s power. Well, not anymore. Thanks to Moonshiner, you can do the job in the comfort of a window manager.