Linux Desktop Environment Tutorials, User Guides & Troubleshooting Tips For An Optimized Linux GUI

The Linux Desktop Environment is an outstanding GUI on which to run applications and deliver personal computer services. Here we look at the Linux desktop, whether it’s Gnome, Gimp, KDE or any other GUI development in the wonderful world of Linux desktop environment architecture. Here we aim to enrich the Linux users computer experience, providing enhanced features, stimulating front end navigation, and offering slick interfacing across the Linux platform. 530beda0-d9e0-491c-9c6d-e5ee7169a75e 1.03.01

Using a Mac and Linux Machine Together

Just because you’re using a Mac and a Linux computer in the same department, business or project doesn’t mean that you cannot use them together. There are various ways of sharing data between the platforms, from using cross-compatible files to closer integration with emulation and virtualization.

Using a Windows and Linux Machine Together

There are many reasons why you might want to use a Windows and Linux machine together. For instance, you might wish to connect them across a network or with an Ethernet cable, or simply share files between the two computers to use for word processing or other regular tasks.

Coolest and Best Linux Ready Gifts for the Holidays

Need to give your geeky Linux friend a cool gift this holiday, maybe stuffed penguins or uber-cool t-shirts? Or perhaps you want to buy computer hardware which is fully compatible with Linux. You’ve come to the right place. Here, we suggest a list of Linux ready gifts for the holiday season.

Linux Student Registration Software Free!

University registration is an important process, but perhaps only occurs once or twice a year at most universities. Commercial software for student registrations can be expensive. It is worth considering the Linux alternatives.

Choosing Linux Cad Packages

Various CAD packages are available for Linux, each offering a slightly different set of features and functions. As such you should be able to find a CAD application that suits your requirements from the list below.

The Best GNOME-Shell and GTK3 Themes

This article lists the best GNOME-shell and GTK themes which are worth looking at. Though there are numerous themes out there, we have listed only the best. Keep an eye on this article as this page will be updated as artists create more themes for the most popular Linux desktop environment.

Ubuntu Unity Detailed Review

This is a detailed guide to Ubuntu Unity and explains in detail all the features of the new software. Watch this article closely as this will be frequently updated with new features as Unity improves. Everything you wanted to know about the new shell developed by Canonical is here,

Running Symantec Backup Exec for Linux

Symantec Backup Exec is a proprietary data backup and recovery program which runs on Linux as well as Windows. It officially supports SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, but runs on a variety of distributions.

Linux Password Managers Reviewed

These days our on-line lives have become quite busy. We visit a lot of websites, most of which need a password login to get to the good stuff. How do you remember all of the passwords? By using password managers. In this article are the options I have found for Linux.

What E-Readers Are Available for Linux

It’s been a year since Tolga Balci reviewed FBReader for Linux, more specifically Ubuntu. I thought I would take another look at the options now available to read e-books on a Linux computer. In this article you will find my conclusions.

Linux Window Managers: GNOME, KDE, XFCE and More

There are a variety of window managers for Linux, from the full-featured GNOME and KDE desktop environments down to stripped down, more lightweight window managers like IceWM. Unlike Windows and OS X, Linux supports a wide variety of possible desktop environments.

How to Customize Menu: KDE Linux

One of the greatest things about Linux is that you can customize almost any aspect of it – from the applications you use, to the menu items in the Linux menu. For instance, if you are using KDE and want to customize the menu in KDE, here is how to do it.