Linux Web Browsing & Communications Tips, Tweaks & Troubleshooting: Optimizing Your Online Experience With Linux

The Linux platform is a supremely resilient and highly functional operating system for communications and online activities. From emailing, instant messaging, web browsing and multimedia streaming, to advanced network topology, lock down security and server configuration, the Linux platform offers a wealth of online and communications functionality. Here we look at Linux web browsing and communications techniques, explaining what is Linux Networking? How Linux can be used with such popular web browsers as Opera, Firefox and IE? And how you can get the most from your email and social media formats over the Linux platform.

How To Set Up A Chat Room in Linux

In this article I will go through how to set up a chat room through IRC. IRC is cross platform system with many servers and many clients across the world, so it is perfect for online meetings and groups. I will also go through how to set up a server in case you outgrow the original channel.

How to Setup a Wireless Network in Puppy Linux

No distribution is complete without wireless networking. Puppy Linux is no different. This guide will give you a basic understanding of wireless networking in Puppy Linux whether you are running Puppy Linux from the LiveCD or a hard drive install.

Top Five Linux Email Clients

Linux has a variety of available email clients with different strengths. Some are platform agnostic, some are integrated with a particular desktop environment, and some are more lightweight and minimal.

Safari for Linux: Install Safari with Wine

Whether you’re a web developer that wants to run Safari in Linux or just a curious Linux user that would like to explore Apple’s Safari Web browser, you can install and run Safari using the Wine Windows compatibility layer on Linux.

Top Linux Web Browsers

One of the great things about the Linux platform is the choice you have in applications – Internet browsers on Linux being no different. Lets take a look at the top Internet browsers for the Linux Platform.