Linux Web Browsing & Communications Tips, Tweaks & Troubleshooting: Optimizing Your Online Experience With Linux

The Linux platform is a supremely resilient and highly functional operating system for communications and online activities. From emailing, instant messaging, web browsing and multimedia streaming, to advanced network topology, lock down security and server configuration, the Linux platform offers a wealth of online and communications functionality. Here we look at Linux web browsing and communications techniques, explaining what is Linux Networking? How Linux can be used with such popular web browsers as Opera, Firefox and IE? And how you can get the most from your email and social media formats over the Linux platform.

Full Details on Tethering a 3g Modem to Linux

Accessing the 3G network with Linux might seem unlikely, but despite the lack of manufacturer-provided drivers for open source operating systems there are several ways to connect to the mobile Internet, via 3G modem dongles and mobile phones…

How to View a Remote Linux Desktop with Ubuntu

Ubuntu includes the Remote Desktop Viewer application for viewing remote Linux desktops. The Remote Desktop Viewer, also known as Vinagre, supports the virtual network computing protocol. VNC allows your Ubuntu desktop to access and control remote Linux and Windows computers running VNC servers.

Using Firefox AIX

Are you a Mozilla browser user wanting to work in an AIX environment. If so, this article shows how those users can use this Linux operating system interface with Firefox.

Top 3 Linux Browser History Eraser Programs

While the choice of browser Linux browser history eraser tools is limited, they provide great results and can be used to speed up both your browser and your computer. Using these utilties you can delete website and Flash cookies and Internet history alike, and best of all, such tools are free!

Installing Skype On Fedora Guide

Skype is one of the best VoIP (Voice over IP) services which uses peer-to-peer technology for voice calls and video calls. In this article we shall see how to manually install Skype from and how to install Skype from the Skype repository.

Tips on Linux Recovery for Internet

Doing Linux recovery on Internet connections does not need to be as complicated as it may seem. It is just a matter of following some simple steps. This guide will show you how to recover Internet on Linux

Firefox 4 Ubuntu Linux Guide

Firefox 4 has officially been released! The majority of the Ubuntu Firefox 4 blog posts on the Internet are now outdated. Lets install Firefox 4 on Ubuntu using the Mozilla stable PPA.

Open Source Academic Research Software

A ready reckoner of the best and most intuitive Open Source Academic Research Software. This list covers it all: graph plotting, bibliography, chemical structures, sequence analysis, algebra and mathematics – the entire gamut of academic research.

Is There a Linux Exchange Client?

One of the most popular email systems on the planet is Microsoft Exchange, which acts as the server side of a client-server system for managing emails and calendars. Windows and Mac users have Outlook; how can a Linux user access an Exchange mailbox?