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New Release - Ubuntu ME

written by: YvetteDavis•edited by: Rebecca Scudder•updated: 11/25/2008

The newest version of Ubuntu Muslim Edition has been released. Ubuntu ME strives to meet the needs of today's Muslims by combining a state of the art operating system with standard applications every Muslim needs. Islamic calendar, prayer time calculator, and even a complete Qur'an are included.

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    Ubuntu ME 8.10

    The newest version of Ubuntu ME was announced November, 19, 2008. Ubuntu Muslim Edition 8.10 is based on the same great Ubuntu OS, but includes applications to help Muslims balance daily life and religious obligations.

    Like other Ubuntu releases, ME is completely open source, and based on Debian. Ubuntu is easy to install, simple to learn, but powerful enough to handle even your most demanding tasks with ease.

    Ubuntu ME fulfills the needs of Muslims by including standard applications and custom wall paper to meet the needs of modern Muslims.

    In addition to top of the line technical abilities, Ubuntu ME includes software to help you learn and study the Quran, keep track of prayer times whether you're home or traveling, and translate to and from Arabic.

    • Quran verses on the splash screen
    • A full and complete copy of the Quran, in all available languages, to aid in your studies.
    • Study guide for the Quran
    • Pop up reminders for prayer times, so you never miss a prayer time again.
    • Islamic Calendar application.
    • Custom wallpaper for everyday, and specialized wall paper to mark Muslim holidays.
    • Icons designed to appeal to Muslims
    • Web content filter, installed and enabled, by default
    • Application which figures out the correct prayer times for your location. Be sure of prayer times, even when you travel.
    • Installed Firefox extension which displays daily prayer times.
    • Support for writing and translating into and from Arabic
    • Firefox Arabic Language pack included
    • Bidirectional text display support
    • Spelling dictionary for Arabic

    And of course, this edition of Ubuntu includes all the great productivity and educational applications you've come to expect from Ubuntu. Standard applications for this Ubuntu release include Skype, GnuCash, Scribus, Rar,Unrar, Gcompris package for children, Ktouch typing tutor, and Kalzium, an application for learning chemistry, plus many other educational and productivity tools.