iPads & Tablets

Take the power of your PC in the size of a notebook where ever you go with a new Tablet PC. Complete with a touchscreen, dozens of useful apps for business or play and extreme ease in transportation, tablets are the ultimate new gadget everyone's dying to get their hands on. Find out more information on the tablets available, from Apple's iPad, to Samsung's Galaxy Tab, the Motorola Xoom or the Vizio Tablet and many more. Read reviews, comparisons, buying guides and user tips and secrets all from our computing experts and professionals.

Best iPad Aluminum Stand

Since the iPad can be used as a great media viewing device, it would be best to use it with a stand. Here, we’ve rounded up five of the best iPad aluminum stands available in the market. Find out which of these iPad stands best suit your needs.

Comparing the Kindle DX vs iPad

In this article we will compare the common features and the differences of the Kindle DX vs iPad to help you decide which best suits your needs. Both are compelling, but ultimately there can only be one!

How Do You Set Up an Apple iPad?

Have you purchased an iPad or received one as a gift? If so, you are probably excited to use your new gadget but might not know where to begin. This article will tell you how to set up an Apple iPad in iTunes and configure your iPad’s settings.

iPad Cases with Handles Round Up

So did you end up owning a new iPad this Christmas? If so you must be looking for a nice case for your new magical device right now. Want a great iPad case with handle? We’ve got five of them rounded up for you.

iPad Hard Cases Round Up

If you own an iPad right now or are looking forward to owning one in a couple of days, the first thing you will be looking for once you get an iPad is to find a durable, nice looking iPad hard case that will protect your iPad from bumps and scratches. Here’s five iPad hard cases options for you.

A Guide to Using AirPrint on the iPad

One of the most promising features of iOS 4.2 for the iPad was printing from the iPad with AirPrint. Unfortunately, this feature was crippled when the update was released. This article will show you ways around the limits of AirPrint.

iThoughts HD: A Mind Mapping App for the iPad

Looking for a great mind mapping app for your iPad? iThoughts HD is currently one of the most popular and full-featured mind mapping apps that’s native to the iPad. This review highlights this app’s strengths and challenges.

Setting Up Your iPad

Want to start surfing the Internet with your brand new iPad? Well before you can do anything you have to activate it and set it up. Read on to find out how to activate your iPad and get yourself onto the Internet.

Best iPad Apps

More and more apps are released in the iTunes App Store everyday. How do you know which ones you should buy? You could look at the ratings and reviews, or you can continue reading below