Server and Hosting Services: Troubleshooting Tips & User Guides For Your Computer Server Administration

Computer Servers are dedicated to providing information services across a computer network. Looking at servers, server hosting and data backup on multiple platforms such as email, web, multimedia, interfacing or general application servers. A server delivers data exchange services across a secure platform, which can be heavily controlled by system administration, hosting, access permissions and data backup procedures. Here we look at the computer server as a critical piece of computer hardware in the modern technology climate, where information demand is so great, and must be delivered in a timely fashion, to multiple sources, with complete reliability and security. In this topic we take a look at the latest server technologies and troubleshoot server build, administration and support issues.

Discover How Internet Traffic is Routed

Internet traffic routing process has become quite topsy-turvy ever since it was reported that internet traffic was routed via Chinese servers on April 8, 2009, making it a bigger puzzle than ever before. So let’s see how exactly online traffic is routed sequentially.

What is an Intel 865g Motherboard?

The Intel 865g was release in 2003. It was the first motherboard that had new features including better memory and power usage support. It also had a silicon graphics controller chip embedded in the system.

What is a Computer Server?

There are a lot of terms thrown around casually in technology discussions, and knowing their exact definition can sometimes be tricky, especially with something as fundamental as computer servers. This article explains what a server computer is, what it does, and what parts they consist of.

An Introduction to Client Server Networks

Networks are the backbone of business enterprises. Client server networks have central management. An earlier network model, peer-to-peer, has no central management. In client-server networks, operations go from the server to the client.

Advantages of SQL Servers – Definitions and Features

SQL is a database scripting language. It is designed to allow users to ask questions to a database. A typical example might be: How many employees work more than 60 hours per week? If the database has information about the name of an employee and the number of hours worked, SQL can provide the data.

How to Setup Home Computer Network with Windows 7

Computer networks were once difficult to set up. Advances in operating systems such as Windows 7 makes it easy. Setting up home computer network network can now be achieved without difficulty. Many of the networking features that used to be set up by hand can now be easily done with a wizard.

How Does a Server Work?

Have you heard a lot about various kinds of servers, but have always been scared to ask what they are? And how does a server work anyway? Well, let’s find out what they are and how they function.