Keyboards & Mice: All The Latest Product Reviews, Troubleshooting Tips & Tutorials For Your Keyboard Or Mouse

Looking for the latest keyboard or mouse for slicker productivity in work or when playing a game? Are you frustrated by the lack of responsiveness when you move your mouse? Or the lack of sensitivity to touch typing on your keyboard? Does your keyboard or mouse fail you at increasingly frustrating and frequent intervals? Here we look at the keyboard and mouse from their humble beginnings to their current day developments. Offering reviews and categorized ratings of all the latest keyboard and mouse releases. We will also provide you with troubleshooting tips and tricks to help you with all your keyboard and mice problems.

Razer Lycosa Review – Razer Gaming Keyboards

When it comes to Razer gaming keyboards, there are good and there are great. Here is your gamer’s review to the Razer Lycosa to help you make up your mind on spending the money for this great gaming accessory.

Razer Gaming Keyboards – Razer Tarantula Keyboard Review

Want to know why the Razer Tarantula costs so much? Want to know if it is really worth the money before you even consider buying it? Well, here is your gamer’s review of the Razer Tarantula so that you can see what the big deal is all about.

Who Invented the Computer Mouse?

Programmer Douglas Engelbart, engineer Bill English, and Apple’s Steve Jobs could appropriately be named the “three computer mice.” Engelbart’s concept, English’s design, and Jobs’ marketing expertise came together to make the mouse the standard accessory it is today.

Micro Innovations Keyboard Review – A Piece of Junk?

Looking at the best and worst in keyboard technology as we do here at Bright Hub. Here I may have found the worst of all. This keyboard is so bad that I can actually type faster than it can process the keystrokes.