Keyboards & Mice: All The Latest Product Reviews, Troubleshooting Tips & Tutorials For Your Keyboard Or Mouse

Looking for the latest keyboard or mouse for slicker productivity in work or when playing a game? Are you frustrated by the lack of responsiveness when you move your mouse? Or the lack of sensitivity to touch typing on your keyboard? Does your keyboard or mouse fail you at increasingly frustrating and frequent intervals? Here we look at the keyboard and mouse from their humble beginnings to their current day developments. Offering reviews and categorized ratings of all the latest keyboard and mouse releases. We will also provide you with troubleshooting tips and tricks to help you with all your keyboard and mice problems.

Dell SK 3205 Smart Card Reader Keyboard

A fairly expensive keyboard from Dell that has a built in smart card reader. This smart card reader in the keyboard helps save space and allows users to handle sensitive online transactions, like logging in, banking, or simply reading encrypted data.

Best Wireless Mouse Ratings

Wireless mice are convenient due to their compact size and lack of wires to tangle up. In this article, we examine the best wireless mouse ratings in a range of sizes, brands and prices.

Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 1045

The Microsoft Wireless Comfort Keyboard, model 1045, is a great keyboard for work or home that allows easy typing without clutter. It has a number of unique features that make it ideal for word processing and long periods of time spent on the computer, and is a great addition to any computer setup.

Logisys Illuminated Keyboard

Logisys is a computer company that creates computer hardware and accessories. One of their more unique products is their illuminated keyboard, which is a keyboard that lights up while typing.

Logisys Keyboard Models

Logisys is a computer company that manufactures computer hardware and accessories for consumers. They manufacture two very popular keyboards that have different features and functions, and are designed specifically to meet every computer user’s needs.

Options for a Different Dell Keyboard

Dell offers a variety of different keyboards which can be purchased directly from their website. They come in a variety of different price ranges, and different Dell keyboards have different features and specifications. Some even have added luxuries like quiet keys or built in smart card readers.

Microsoft Intellipoint Wireless Mouse

Microsoft offers several brands of wireless mouse to choose from. However, the one connecting thread is that all of those Microsoft mice come with the Intellipoint software. How good is Intellipoint and what does it offer?

Computer Keyboard for Vision Impaired Users

Computers have become a vital part of communication, but it unfortunately seems like the field of keyboards for vision impaired people hasn’t caught up. There aren’t many options out there, but I will try to cover the best and most affordable options for the average user.