Keyboards & Mice: All The Latest Product Reviews, Troubleshooting Tips & Tutorials For Your Keyboard Or Mouse

Looking for the latest keyboard or mouse for slicker productivity in work or when playing a game? Are you frustrated by the lack of responsiveness when you move your mouse? Or the lack of sensitivity to touch typing on your keyboard? Does your keyboard or mouse fail you at increasingly frustrating and frequent intervals? Here we look at the keyboard and mouse from their humble beginnings to their current day developments. Offering reviews and categorized ratings of all the latest keyboard and mouse releases. We will also provide you with troubleshooting tips and tricks to help you with all your keyboard and mice problems.

The Best Wireless Touchpad Mouse

Read this article to find out what the best five choices of wireless touchpad mouse available on the market today are. Read about the features that each product has and discover the true potential of a wireless touchpad mouse.

Gyro Wireless Keyboard Review

The Cideko Air Keyboard Wireless Media Keyboard and Gyro Mouse bundle is a miniature sized wireless keyboard that has an interesting feature; the keyboard can actually double as a mouse. Simply by tilting and moving the keyboard, you can move the cursor on screen, and click with built in buttons.

Microsoft Wireless Keyboard Backlit Review

The Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000 is a wireless backlit keyboard from Microsoft that is ideal for home use. It is a high end wireless keyboard designed to control media on your PC with a long wireless range, this is a great choice when looking for a high quality wireless keyboard.

Dell Axim Keyboard Review

The Dell Axim keyboard is a wireless foldable keyboard that can be carried around with just as much ease as the Dell Axim PDA. It can be a bit finicky when it comes to actually establishing a connection to a Dell Axim PDA, but is a great solution for data entry onto the Axim PDA.

Micro Innovations Ergonomic Keyboard

The Micro Innovations Ergonomic Keyboard is a keyboard ideal for office or home use, featuring a built in touchpad and designed with convenience in mind. This keyboard is ideal for basic data entry and computing, and removes the need for buying a mouse.

HP 6730 Keyboard Protector Review

The HP 6730 protects keyboards for the HP 6730B and HP 6735B laptops. It fits over the top of the existing keyboard and allows users to type on the laptop while protecting the computer from spills and accidents.