Keyboards & Mice: All The Latest Product Reviews, Troubleshooting Tips & Tutorials For Your Keyboard Or Mouse

Looking for the latest keyboard or mouse for slicker productivity in work or when playing a game? Are you frustrated by the lack of responsiveness when you move your mouse? Or the lack of sensitivity to touch typing on your keyboard? Does your keyboard or mouse fail you at increasingly frustrating and frequent intervals? Here we look at the keyboard and mouse from their humble beginnings to their current day developments. Offering reviews and categorized ratings of all the latest keyboard and mouse releases. We will also provide you with troubleshooting tips and tricks to help you with all your keyboard and mice problems.

Dell D2400 Keyboard Issues Solved

The Dell D2400 keyboard (or, the “Dimension 2400”) was designed to be functional, yet sturdy. Unfortunately, there were a few flaws that made some models break, and ultimately, need some major troubleshooting. If you have one of these units, read onward, because it’s troubleshooting time.

Microsoft Keyboard Drivers (Mac)

If you have a Mac that needs a keyboard, but all you can get your hands on is one from direct competitor, Microsoft, you’ll need to jump through some hoops to get it to work. Here’s how to do just that.

Fixing an Acer Wireless Keyboard

Wireless keyboards are great, but they do have problems more often than their wired counterparts. Here are some easy fixes for your Acer wireless keyboard if it has stopped working for an unknown reason.

Dell Bluetooth Keyboard Drivers and Mouse Setup

I like wireless keyboards as much as the next guy, but there is one clear disadvantage to this upgraded technology: It requires a lot more work on your end to deal with. Here’s how to find Dell Bluetooth keyboard drivers and set up a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

Best Alternatives to the Dell SK 3210 Keyboard

The Dell SK 3210 is a keyboard designed for business use, as its built in trackball eliminates the need for a mouse, saving space and money. It is no longer manufactured by Dell, and as such finding a keyboard that can replace the SK 3210 can be a hard job.

Choosing the Best Keyboard for Courtrooms

When looking for a keyboard for the courtroom, there are a number of different features to look for. Transcribing court dialogue requires a keyboard that is comfortable, responsive, quiet, and reliable. This article will detail a number of different keyboards that fit those requirements.