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The world of computer hardware is a constantly evolving power struggle between manufacturers who consistently battle one another for market share and customer loyalty by offering new and improved technologies. Whether it be Dell or HP, Intel or AMD, every hardware manufacturer is trying to outdo its competitors with cleverly positioned and cost effective products and service offerings. Now with greater competition and more consumer choice this challenge is greater than ever. Here we look at the changing dynamics of the computer hardware industry, looking at the latest news, hardware reviews, services, product launches and battles which ensue between companies in such sectors as mobile computing, desktops, printers, peripherals, processing power and networking.

Smart Card Disadvantages

Smart Card technology has become a popular convenience in Europe, however there are instances within the United States in which smart card technology is also used, like some credit cards and ID cards.

Smart Card Technology Pros And Cons

As with all information technology, the smart card is a double-edged sword containing inherent properties that some view as a cause for concern. But does the bad actually outweigh the good? Let’s take a look at smart card technology pros and cons.

IT Spending by Industry

Taking a closer look at IT spending — by industry and by year – shows some interesting trends. Overall the industry is booming, but distribution shifts; that being said, the major researching entities are not sure the can completely agree on the disbursement of commercial funds.

How to Find the Cheapest Computer Parts

If you are going to build or modify your computer you have already saved yourself some cash. But you can save even more cash by carefully shopping for each computer component you are thinking of purchasing. This guide will help you find the cheapest computer parts.

Are 128 GB USB Flash Drives Real, or Fakes and a Scam?

USB Flash Drives get bigger and cheaper every year.So what is the biggest thumb drive you can buy right now?There are reliable companies making 128GB USB drives now, but there are ads and claims for some very good fakes of 128 GB drives too. Bright Hub looks at what is out there, finding 6 real ones