VDU’s / Computer Monitors: Troubleshooting Tips, Tutorials & Reviews Of The Latest & Greatest Computer Monitors

Your VDU is a crucial component for the enjoyment and practical use of a PC. For application delivery, multimedia presentation, video playback, gaming and online browsing, a good quality monitor is essential. Whether it be CRT, LCD or a new cutting edge model, modern day applications, media streaming and video playback demand slicker graphics processing and seamless image projection. Even your operating system, such as Windows Vista with its 3D Aero graphics navigation, requires a display that can deliver sharp, clear images with supreme contrast and brightness. As such VDU's come in all shapes, sizes, specifications, and inevitably, price brackets. Here we look at the best and worst computer displays, offering help and troubleshooting tips, product reviews and best in class ratings.

Getting a 22 Inch LCD Monitor for under $200

You are in need of a new monitor, and you want to get an LCD of decent size. Take a look at some of the 22 inch LCD monitors that you can get for under $200. This article covers not only specific models to meet your budget but also how to find a discount monitor on your own.

Don’t Trash Your Old Computer Monitor, Recycle It

If you have bought a new computer and aren’t sure what to do with your old monitor, consider recycling. Computer monitors, like batteries, are considered hazardous materials and can’t be disposed of in traditional ways. Find out how to safely dispose of monitors while being nice to the environment

The New MacBook Laptops From Apple

At a news conference at Cupertino, Apple presented some new products. The whole notebook series from MacBook up to MacBook Air were redesigned. Additionally, Apple presented the new 24″ monitor Cinema Display and dispersed the fog around their new technology for laptop chassis creation.