Desktop Computers: Reviews, Product Ranges & Troubleshooting Tips On The Best & Worst Desktops

Desktop computers by definition are PC's which are intended for use from a fixed location, whether it be in the home or business environment. Coming in all shapes, sizes and specifications the Desktop PC is an ever evolving piece of computer hardware that grows in power and features with every new release. In this topic we look at the best in class desktops across a number of categories. Reviewing desktops which are the fastest, cheapest, most reliable and performance savvy. For all your desktop computing needs, be it personal, social or in business, this topic should have the answers you need.

Some Examples of Motherboard Kits

Buying a computer from a retail store can be fun, but expensive. A better solution is to buy a motherboard kit and build your own computer. The kits vary in cost and computer technology, but it is a good way to learn how to put a computer together for a nominal price.

What is a Motherboard Memory Controller?

The motherboard memory controller manages the data flow going into and from main memory. Traditionally memory controllers were planted on the motherboard’s northbridge. However, now it can be located on a separate chip or integrated into the dies of a microprocessor to reduce memory latency.

Discover the Small Form Factor Motherboard

A motherboard with a small form factor fills an important role in areas where space constraints prohibit the deployment of a standard desktop or tower computer. Together with the smaller sized board, the smaller computer usually brings power savings and sometimes reduced cost.

The Best AMD 890FX Motherboards

If you’re looking to build a high-end AMD system you’re thinking about basing your system off a motherboard using the 890FX chipset. This high-end AMD chipset has attractive competition from the biggest motherboard vendors. The question is, which 890FX motherboards are really worth your money?