Desktop Computers: Reviews, Product Ranges & Troubleshooting Tips On The Best & Worst Desktops

Desktop computers by definition are PC's which are intended for use from a fixed location, whether it be in the home or business environment. Coming in all shapes, sizes and specifications the Desktop PC is an ever evolving piece of computer hardware that grows in power and features with every new release. In this topic we look at the best in class desktops across a number of categories. Reviewing desktops which are the fastest, cheapest, most reliable and performance savvy. For all your desktop computing needs, be it personal, social or in business, this topic should have the answers you need.

Buying Guide: The Best H67 Motherboards

Among the two new chipsets Intel is offering alongside the LGA 1155 SandyBridge processors, the H67 motherboard is clearly oriented towards the average consumer, who may be fine with Intel’s IGP rather than a discrete video card. In this article I’ll help you find the best mobo among the crowd.

Understanding Your Motherboard Power Connector

The motherboard power connector is one of the most important parts of a computer because it provides the interface between the computer power supply and the motherboard. Find out about the motherboard connector on your computer to make sure it is properly connected before calling for support.

How to Find the Best Deals on Desktop Computers

Old-fashioned desktop computers have gradually lost market share to laptops, but they’re still nearly half the market. Although immobile, it’s impossible to beat desktops when it comes to raw computing power per dollar you spend. Let’s take a look at some of the best desktop deals.

Motherboard Express – Company Overview

When looking to buy any computer or technological product, it is always a good idea to do the research and find the best parts from the best people. This article looks at the reselling company Motherboard Express and reviews their services and products.