Computer Processing, Graphics & Memory: Troubleshooting Tips, Tutorials & Reviews Of CPU & Memory To Help You Get the Most From Your Computer

The fundamental component which drives your computer is processing power in the form of a Central Processing Unit (CPU). Working alongside the CPU is your graphics card and memory allocation, which allow you to run multimedia, applications, and provide a solid end user experience. In this topic we define the CPU, graphics processing and memory, look at the latest processors and memory products, and compare computer systems which house such products in terms of functionality and stability. Looking at the latest offerings (and battles) of Intel and AMD, and troubleshooting your CPU, graphics and memory issues, to enable you to run a stable system that has optimum speed and seamless graphics.

Understanding PC Processor Performance

Choosing the right processor for a new computer or an upgrade can be confusing with so many different models and speeds available. Learn which features are important for a particular purpose and select the right CPU for the job by comparing cache memory, clock speed, and number of cores with price.

Nvidia GTX 580 Review: The New King?

Nvidia took a bit of a beating from AMD last year, but the green team has been ramping up products in response. Let’s take a look at how Nvidia’s latest video card, the high-end GTX 580, does against the competition.

The Best Gaming Video Card of 2010

Gamers and video cards go together like peanut butter and jelly, but not all video cards are good choices for people who want to be able to play PC games at high resolutions with maximum detail. In this article we’ll examine the three best gaming video cards today.

Radeon 6850 Review: A Summary of Performance

The latest video card in the Radeon series, the 6850, has arrived. This updated video card features a lower price than its predecessor and surprising performance. Find out more in this Radeon 6850 review.

Radeon 6950 Review / Radeon 6970 Review

AMD’s latest generation of high-end video card has hit the market. These products, the 6950 and 6970, compete with Nvidia’s most powerful options. Can they hold their own?

How to Understand CPU Work

Every program that runs on your computer will require CPU work, but that doesn’t mean that programs should use all of even a fraction of your CPU’s total processing power. A processor that is constantly overloaded for unknown reasons can indicate a hardware or software problem.