Computer Peripheral Guides and Tips: All The Latest Product Reviews, Troubleshooting Help & Tutorials For Your PC Peripherals

A computer peripheral is any input, output or storage device that enhances the use of your computer. Input devices come in such forms as Webcams, Microphones, Keyboards and Mice. Output devices in the form of Printers, Scanners, Networking Devices. Storage devices in the form of Optical Drives and HDD. In this topic we cover all your input, output and storage peripheral needs. So if you are looking for a slick new webcam that can offer clear images and motion? Or a multi-function printer/scanner/fax that improves your office workflow? Then this topic aims to cover all these devices and more, with product releases, ratings and opinions, tips and helpful support.

The Complete Computer Accessory Shopping Guide

So, you’ve purchased a new desktop or laptop. You’re done, right? Perhaps not. You may find that you need to purchase some accessories, like keyboards and external hard drives, to enhance your computer. Let’s have a look at what you might need to buy.

Awsome KVM Devices

KVM devices save space, time and aggravation by allowing you to use one keyboard, mouse and monitor with two or more computers. Simply press a switch and you are on one of your computers. Press the same switch again and you are on the other one. It makes managing two or more machines so much easier.

Review: xD Card Adapter to SD Card Reader & Writer

An xD card adapter to SD card reader & writer is what you need to get your photos and other data off your XD card. You can even use these cards for active storage if you want to. Unfortunately, finding one of these adapters is a challenge because they really do not exist.

Choosing a PCMCIA to USB Adapter

Do you have enough USB ports on your computer? No? We thought so. How about you convert that PCMCIA slot into a few USB ports then? PCM.. what? Yes, we thought so. Do yourself a favor and turn that rarely used PCMCIA slot into set of new USB ports.

Buying a Quality USB to RCA Video Adapter

If you want to connect a device that outputs S-Video or composite video with your computer through a USB port, you will need a USB to RCA video adapter. This article provides an overview of some great, yet affordable solutions. Cheap no-name solutions offering low signal quality are not included.

How to Choose a USB LAN RJ45 Ethernet Adapter

If you are buying a USB LAN RJ45 Ethernet Adapter, you have certainly encountered very cheap no-name solutions. If you still haven’t purchased one, you did a good thing. In this article, find out why and find the information you need about the quality alternatives.