Computer Hardware Gadgets: The Best New Gadgets For Your PC Or Desktop Environment

You can now get computer gadgets that offer the most weird and wonderful experiences, providing interconnectivity between hundreds of thousands of bespoke devices. You can even find gadgets that keep your coffee cup warm or enable you to have a shave! With all these new gadgets the desktop or mobile computer environment can now be a hub to all your needs. In this topic we look at the world of computer gadgetry and how such devices can enrich your personal, social and professional life. From USB gadgets that simply plug in and play direct from your desktop or laptop, to the future of gadgetry and where manufacturers are looking to capture the next niche market.

15 Great Gifts Under $100 for Computer Users

If you aren’t a frequent computer user it may be hard to figure out just what kind of gift to get for a loved one who is. This guide is designed to help the outsider get a brief glimpse into the mind of someone who is glued to their computer 24/7.

Top Five SDHC Memory Card Cases

Now that you have your brand new digital video recorder you’ll soon find that you have several SDHC cards floating around in your pockets. This is both inefficient and potentially detrimental to the media that you have stored. The solution is an SDHC memory card holder.

Lenovo Mini Dock 3 Review: Last of the Docks

Laptop docks aren’t very common today, and that’s a shame, because they’re an excellent way to minimize the hassle that comes with using a laptop as both your main desktop and mobile computer. In this review we take a close look at the Lenovo Mini Dock Plus.

Get a Jump Drive Bracelet for Fun Data Mobility

Jump drive bracelets are a fun way to bring your data along with you wherever you go, so why not stock up on some for the coming months. You don’t have to be a geek to appreciate having stylish storage capacity literally on hand so you can swap songs, programs, and other files when you need to.

What is a Motherboard Northbridge?

Northbridge is part of a motherboard chipset, a pair of chips that provide controlling functions in support of the board’s CPU. Usually located near the CPU, the Northbridge provides memory control and the interface for the graphics controller and Southbridge I/O controller.

Defining a Home Network

Home networking is the interconnection of two or more computers or network-ready devices for the purposes of sharing files, or accessing the Internet. Although a variety of interconnection methods exist, the most common form is via wired or wireless Ethernet.

Top Desktop Computers

If you are looking to buy a desktop computer, it is a good idea to read about the top desktop computers on the market that fit your requirements. Then it is easy to make a better decision based on those reviews. Let’s see what the top desktop PC models available in the market are these days.

Apple’s Magic Mouse on Windows 7

Apple’s Magic Mouse brings the use of gestures and other cool features to the Apple desktop, but PC users wanting to use the sleek device have been left out in the cold, at least up until now. Here you will find out how to use a Magic Mouse in Windows 7.