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Best Oriental Rug Mouse Pads

written by: •edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 11/23/2010

If you're into oriental rugs and patterns, why not buy a new mouse pad to add that distinctive look to your desk?

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    Find an Oriental Rug Mouse Pad

    Mouse pads are mouse pads, aren’t they?

    Actually, no they’re not! As well as being a very useful piece of desktop equipment for anyone with an optical or ball mouse, a mouse pad can also reflect your personality by being decorated as something you like.

    For instance, you might prefer a plain blue pad, or you might have chosen a mouse pad that reflects your favourite sports team. You might even opt for an interesting design, for instance your desktop might be adorned with an Oriental rug mouse pad.

    Oriental rugs have very distinctive designs, after all, so it makes sense that they should be popular choices with people looking for a unique mouse pad.

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    Where to Find Oriental Rug Mouse Pads

    oriental rug mouse pads There are few places online where you can find Oriental rug mouse pads. However it’s always worth looking, and we’ve rounded up a few good sites for your mouse pad needs.

    First of all, you should check out The Big Lebowski Kit (pictured, right) from Amazon. As well as including a lot of paraphernalia ideal for any fan of the cult classic, the kit features an Oriental rug mouse pad. Whether you're a fan of the movie or not, this is a distinctive mouse pad that should suit anyone with a liking for eastern patterns

    This mouse pad is quite thin and rug-like, too, and should look great on any desk!

    The most obvious place to stop for a mouse pad that resembles a rug, however, is! They have a great selection of red Persian, browns, greens and blue Oriental and red Turkish/Indian mouse “rugs” all for around $20.

    oriental rug mouse pads Meanwhile, if Jeff Bridges and John Goodman aren’t to your liking, features a striking Antique Ottoman Embroidery Turkish Rug Mousemat (pictured, right) for just £8.95. While not quite Oriental, it certainly shares some of the same visual elements of a rug from the Far East and of course the Ottoman Empire was an international trade hub between east and west for many years.

    Zazzle also feature 1970s style mouse pads, which aren’t too dissimilar from oriental rugs…

    (Images via corresponding links)

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    Custom Designed Oriental Rug Mouse Pads

    Sites like allow you to create mouse pads, t-shirts, placemats and more with whatever design you like – so there is no reason not to sign-up and create your own oriental mouse pads!

    The process is quite simple – after getting an account with Zazzle, simply choose the type of product you want to make and upload the image to appear on it. You can then list the product on Zazzle for other people to buy, or purchase a single example just for you!

    Good subjects for creating a mouse pad in this way might include photographing an actual rug or searching the web for suitable images. Also as we’ve already seen, don’t forget to search for 1970s wallpaper!