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Shopping for Computer Mouse Covers

written by: Ana M.•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 12/7/2012

Are you looking for some mouse covers? This guide discusses types, pricing and stores you can buy mouse covers at. It also features some of the picks you can buy online.

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    Types & Usage

    Before buying a mouse cover you first need to look at their types and what they are used for. Basically there are two types of mouse covers: protective and decorative. Below is an overview of both these types.

    1. Protective Mouse Covers

    The protective computer mouse covers, as the name suggests, are used to cover a computer mouse. These are usually transparent and help protect the mouse from germs, dust and other stuff that will stick to its surface and tarnish it. Another form features colored molds that fit on to the mouse. These are used both as a protective covering and to hide the original mouse look. You can usually find such mouse covers for a low price.

    2. Decorative Mouse Covers

    Decorative computer mouse covers are hard to find online but you can get them at many craft shops, and sometimes computer hardware stores. You can also make them yourself at home with simple material you can buy anywhere. These covers are available in different designs including fabric, wood, plastic, leather and rubber embellished with beads, fur, doodles, and other creative illustrations.

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    Where to Buy

    Here are a couple places you can find what you're looking for online:

    Stores to Buy Protective Mouse Covers

    • ProtectCovers –The online store offers custom molded protective covers for computer peripherals like keyboards, mice and screens. It lets you create your own according to your mouse model and make before ordering one. Offers covers for brands including Dell, HP, Compaq, Panasonic, Toshiba, Fujitsu, and Lenovo.
    • eBay –This is one place that has in fact the largest collection of mouse covers on the internet. Price ranges from $5 to $10.
    • Amazon –Though there are not too many you can find some of the best mouse covers here. Price range.

    Stores to Buy Decorative Mouse Covers

    You can’t find a lot of decorative mouse covers online but here are some sites which sell a few that are worth buying.

    • Mouse Paws –The site features animal paw-cut mouse covers (or call them skins) in a few designs and colors. Price is constant at $4.99 per cover.
    • BytesNGrins –Love fuzzy ‘mouse’ mouse skins? This site features them. Price is $7 per cover.
    • eBay –You can find a variety of illustrated and designer mouse covers here.
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    Mouse Covers: Some Featured Picks

    In this section I’ll be reviewing some computer mouse covers you can buy yourself.

    iSkin ProTouch Eclipse21rQGbmg5JL. SL500 AA300 

    If you’re looking for a black sophisticated Apple mouse cover, you can get this one. The mouse cover has an antimicrobial protection to inhibit the growth of odor and stain-causing bacteria on the product. Costs $17.50.

    bytesngrins 2130 76513965 

    Fuzzy White Mouse Cover

    These cute mouse covers are adorable with large pink ears and white soft fur. These are also available in grey and cost $3.25 each piece.

    sony SONY Blue Mouse Cover

    This mouse cover has a sleek, shiny surface and is your best bet for the BMS15. Available in many colors for $5.99.

    Tiger Back MousePaws Animal Print Mouse Cover

    Though not a real mouse cover, this tiger-print mouse paw sticking cover is cool for your computer mouse. Costs $4.99.

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    While looking for mouse covers online can be troublesome, this shopping guide might be of help to you. Happy Shopping!

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