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Find the Top Pink Computer Keyboards for Christmas

written by: •edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 6/2/2011

There are many different types of computer keyboards available - and a lot of them are in pink!

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    Where's Your Pink Keyboard?

    Looking for a new keyboard, but unable to find one in that particular, special colour? A keyboard that tells the world who you are, and is in fact the 104 key equivalent of you?

    Are you looking for a pink keyboard?

    Whether the rest of your PC is pink or not doesn’t matter – there are keyboards available to suit everybody, and they come in a range of colours. We've compiled a list of pink keyboards, but don't worry about connecting a new keyboard to your computer as we've also prepared a help guide for installing them!

    Let’s take a look at the top pink computer keyboards available to buy this holiday season!

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    Pink Bendy Keyboard

    bendi board 400 pink computer keyboards If you’re regularly on the move – perhaps using a laptop that doesn’t suit pink, or you just like pink rubber – the Pink Bendy keyboard is a perfect choice.

    It’s ultra-portable, lightweight, slim and compact, and best of all, the Pink Bendy Keyboard is virtually indestructible and waterproof! As a keyboard, it is easy to use, and comes with a USB connector for plugging into either desktop PCs or laptops. Find out more at

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    Pink USB Keyboard

    Pink USB keyboard from ToysRUs With purple keys and a light pink housing, the Pink USB keyboard is a great girly alternative to the standard desktop keyboards, and comes with a section of hotkeys for playing media content, adjusting volume, and launching email and web applications.

    Finished off with its pink daisy design, this pink computer keyboard is spill-resistant and you can get yours from for just £9.99!

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    Pink & Black Wired Keyboard & Optical Mouse Set

    Pink keyboard and mouse A little more mainstream than some of the examples listed here, this pink and black keyboard and mouse set features an ergonomic design for comfort, and with the optical mouse you don’t have any ball to clean!

    This set isn’t specifically listed as being compatible with Macs, but you should be able to connect the USB connectors to any Windows or Mac computer and start using this funky pink and black keyboard and mouse! Visit for details.

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    USB Pink & Purple Keyboard and Mouse Set

    Also available from is the pink and purple keyboard and mouse set, a combi pack with PS/2 to USB converters for universal compatibility.

    If 100% pink isn’t your thing, the purple key contrast here should bring a nice happy brightness to your desktop, and the pack even includes a pink heart shaped mouse mat!

    Again, there is no specification for Mac compatibility, but they should be compatible with Windows 2000 and later. has this pack listed for just £19.99 – so act fast!

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    IVEA Macbook Silicone Keyboard Skin

    Pink computer keyboard cover for MacBooks If new pink keyboards are simply too much for you to deal with – because your Macbook will look absolutely horrific with a rubber roll up pink keyboard plugged into it – but you simply have to have a pink keyboard, IVEA run a selection of silicone skin covers in a range of colours, including pink.

    These are a great way to customise your iconic Macbook keyboard, and simply sit snugly on your keys, instantly turning them pink! Visit to find out more details.

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    The Cheaper Option

    lau funkyboardspink 1(1) If these pink computer keyboards aren’t quite to your taste – for instance, they might not have your own keyboard’s hotkeys or comfortable design – you could try some Funkeyboards stickers to customise your standard keyboard!

    Pink computer keyboards don’t get any cooler than this – you can literally enhance your own keyboard.

    Available for around $13, you can get the Funkeyboards Computer Keyboard Stickers from

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