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Netbook Waterproofing: a Look at Your Options

written by: KateG•edited by: Lamar Stonecypher•updated: 9/29/2009

If you want to keep your netbook safe from the evil forces of water and any other liquids that it may encounter, then this piece can help you to explore your options.

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    Maybe you just bought yourself a netbook or maybe you are just getting ready to take it on a perilous trip. No doubt that you have given some thought to how you will go about protecting your investment. One of the major foes of any piece of electronics is water. As any third grader can tell you, electricity and water do not mix. That means that you, as a responsible netbook owner want to take steps to keep your netbook as far away from water as is possible. Luckily for you that is exactly what this article aims to help you with. We are going to look at ways that you can waterproof your netbook. Here are some options.

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    Get a Waterproof Bag

    Getting a waterproof bag for your netbook can be an expensive affair, but if you want to be sure that your netbook is safe from both the big squeeze and that sudden tsunami. Here are some of your options.

    Pelican 1090-000-186 HardBack Laptop Computer Case

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    A metal case on the outside, and foam on the inside will give the best in protection for both waterproofing and crushing.

    HP Mini 2140 10" Netbook CaseCrown Double Memory Foam Netbook Case with Shoulder Strap and TSA Approved Combination Lock

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    This one is a more stylish choice then the metal option, so if you want something that you can take places without being embarrassed about then this bag may be a good choice. It comes in a variety of colors, and while it says that is for HP minis it will fit most 10 inch netbooks.

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    A Neoprene Sleeve

    A neoprene sleeve is a mostly waterproof solution. The word mostly is used because a sleeve will be waterproof except in the places where joints exist. The locations of these joints will not be waterproof. This means that you should choose your model wisely. These come from a wide variety of different manufacturers, just be careful that you get one with spaces for the locations of your ports. It is usually good to get one for your specific model.

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    A Quick Fix

    If you need a solution and you need one right now, there is one option that you can use in a pinch. Do not laugh at this suggestion. At the first blush it will seem silly, but it actually works. Get a ziptop bag larger then your netbook and seal it up tight. While this is far from a permanent solution it will do in a pinch.

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    Now your netbook will be safe. Enjoy your travels.