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64GB Flash Drives for Cheap

written by: Matthew Becker•edited by: Rebecca Scudder•updated: 8/25/2009

In recent years, we’ve started to see prices for memory sticks with higher capacities drop. This summary will show some of the competitively priced flash drives amongst preferred brand names, as well as others you may not have heard of before.

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    Typical Price Range

    Because of the large amount of storage available on such a small item, USB flash drives are known to be rather expensive. For 64 GB capacity, this is no different. If you’re looking to pick one up for less than $100, your search may turn up few results. Nonetheless, there are many quality brand names out there that offer competitive pricing for their product, and this article is going to explore your choices.

    Keep in mind that the drives listed here are not being ranked in any order. It is simply a list. But what you’ll notice is the similarity in prices amongst well-known brand names versus lesser-known ones.

    See this article for a look at how the best 64GB USB flash drives rate.

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    Patriot PEF64GMNUSB Xporter Magnum 64GB USB Flash Drive

    Patriot This particular flash drive is a quality product which comes with ease of use. For Windows and Mac users, it doesn’t require the installation of drivers. For Vista users who wish to take advantage of ReadyBoost, this product is certified for that, as well. To top it off, it has a rapid reading speed of 210x. The drawback for this device is its size. It is rather bulky, and the protective cap is loosely attached, and easy to lose.

    The cost of this drive is seen to be around $150, which is reasonable considering the reading speed.

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    Kingston DT150/64GB DataTraveler 150 USB Flash Drive

    Kingston Kingston brand drives are a little bit more familiar to users, as they are known for producing quality memory devices. Their DataTraveler brand is no different. It has a high temperature tolerance (can work in colder or warmer environments without damage). On top of that, the storage cap fits securely on the device to prevent it from getting lost – a common issue with flash drives. The only drawback with this drive is its reading speed. It’s not designed for fast performance, though it is steady. Some users have also complained about the drive’s difficulty with transferring large files, oftentimes disconnecting during a transfer.

    Priced competitively with the Patriot device listed above, this Kingston brand is listed at around $160.

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    Transcend 64 GB JetFlash V20 USB 2.0 Drive TS64GJFV20

    Transcend Transcend is possibly a less familiar brand name to some users, but they’re worth looking into. It functions without need of installing a driver, and the software it comes with offers file encryption, and the option to work as a “key” for locking your computer, amongst other useful features. Its size can be rather bulky, and its transfer speeds can be sluggish at times, but it is a solid design.

    If you browse around online websites, this brand is sometimes associated with sale prices. It is normally priced at around $170, but on sites like Amazon, it can be had for $135.

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    Corsair CMFUSBHC-64GB Flash Voyager USB Flash Drive - 64GB

    Corsair The design of this particular device is rather appealing. It does have some water resistance, although it is rather bulky. You may have to remove other USB devices before getting this one plugged in. Its writing speed, while not particularly fast, is reliable, and even backward compatible with USB 1.1 devices.

    This drive sells for about $180, so it’d probably be best to keep your eye on online websites to see when it comes on sale. You could end up saving $20, or more.

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    Kanguru FB-64G FlashBlu Max USB Flash Drive - 64GB

    Kanguru This brand may not be as well known amongst users, but one thing that is really appealing about this drive is its size, or lack thereof. The dimensions of this drive show it to be just about twice as long as a quarter, at just under 2" in length; you won’t find it taking up much space anywhere. Of course, that just increases the chances of it being lost. But if you’re looking for extreme portability, this is a good drive to look in to. Transfer speeds, while not incredible, are steady. The software that comes with the drive comes with file synchronization, mobile e-mail, and more.

    The price of this drive usually retails for about $150, which is fairly competitive with other drives made available.