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Top Five Rugged Netbook Cases

written by: Arnold Zafra•edited by: Heather Marie Kosur•updated: 6/1/2010

Looking for a good carrying case for your netbook that could withstand the most strenuous conditions? You'll have a tough time as there are very few options available for you. But, here we give you five of the best rugged netbook cases to help you decide which one to get for your precious netbook.

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    Kroo Slim Rugged Netbook Sleeve

    Kroo Slim Rugged Netbook Sleeve First on our list is this slim rugged netbook sleeve from Kroo. Although this case was designed for most Eee PCs from the 900 to the 1008 series, it could also fit other netbook brands. This Kroo netbook sleeve was made of high-grade weather resistant neoprene materials. It comes with an extra zippered side pocket where you can put your netbook charger and other accessories. This rugged netbook sleeve also has a translucent interior storage compartment. As a bonus, the case also comes packed with a Microfiber cleaning cloth and Nebula-designed mouse pad. If you were to look at this rugged netbook sleeve, it resembles the standard Eee PC sleeve but with added protection. (Price: $14.99)

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    Graffiti Neoprene Netbook 10" Laptop Sleeve Case

    Graffiti Neoprene Netbook 10 Next on our list of rugged netbook case is another sleeve made to fit most 10-inch netbooks. Not only does this rugged sleeve provide ample protection for your beloved netbook, but it also comes in a stylish and colorful Graffiti design. It is made of soft, durable, and water-resistant neoprene material that protects and cushions your netbook from bumps and bruises. You can use this rugged netbook case either on its own or as additional protection before putting your netbook inside a traveling bag, briefcase, or tote bag. This rugged netbook sleeve fits most netbooks in the 10-inch range including the Acer Aspire One, Dell Inspiron Mini 9, Everex Cloudbook, and more. (Price: $22.23)

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    Targus Sport Netbook Case TNC101US

    Targus Sport Netbook Case TNC101US Targus is known for their highly affordable and yet durable bag products. For their entry on our list of rugged netbook cases, we have the Targus Sport Netbook Case TNC101US. This rugged netbook case sports a clam shell design enabling you to use your netbook without even pulling it out of the case. It has a rugged exterior, padded removable shoulder straps, and a comfortable handle. It also has an additional storage compartment for holding your netbook's power adapter and other accessories. This rugged netbook case fits most 10.2-inch netbooks available on the market today. (Price: $24.64)

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    Targus TSM097US CityGear Netbook Case

    Targus TSM097US CityGear Netbook Case If you don't feel like getting the previous Targus netbook case, you might want to check the next Targus netbook case on our list: the Targus TSM097US CityGear Netbook Case. This one comes at a more affordable price than the previous Targus netbook case. It also fits most 10.2-inch netbooks and has a zip-down workstation which features pen loops, cellphone/PDA pouch, and a mesh accessory pocket. One thing is for sure, you won't run out of space and storage compartments to use for your accessories as this rugged case has room for your power adapter and other accessories. It even comes with a back slip pocket for an extra storage compartment. It also has a carrying handle and padded/adjustable shoulder strap. ($12.90)

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    Mobile Edge Ultraportable Briefcase

    Mobile Edge Ultraportable Briefcase for 8.9-inch to 13-inch Netbook Computers I've got to admit that I fell in love with this rugged-looking briefcase the first time I saw it. If I've seen this before I bought a Case Logic briefcase for my MacBook Pro, I would have no second thoughts in getting it instead. This sleek-looking briefcase-style rugged netbook case fits not only netbooks with 8.9-inch to 10.2 inch sizes but also other mini-netbooks up to 13-inch in size like the MacBook Pro. This sporty briefcase has two comfortable carrying handles, an ergonomically padded shoulder strap, and an additional pocket on its backside, and it can contain most of your files, magazines, and other stuff. It even comes with two easy access front pockets to hold mesh water bottles. It can also accommodate most of your accessories including your netbook's power adapter, mobile phone, magazines, and more. (Price: $37.19)