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Asus N80vc Review - The Best Asus Laptop Yet?

written by: •edited by: Lamar Stonecypher•updated: 3/10/2010

The ASUS N80vc is a high-end laptop offering not only powerful features and quality specifications, but also a smooth and exciting experience for both business and personal use.

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    ASUS N80vc The ASUS N80vc is the second N-series Laptop from the Taiwanese company. Unlike the first of its kind, (the N10) the N80vc is specifically designed for professionals, featuring high performance hardware along with a stylish but simple design chassis - decorated with metal shaded patterns. It is a very nice looking Laptop having nice color schemes and a resilient design body.

    It has a matching track pad which offers a smooth integrated look. The chrome mouse buttons also give a smooth feel when clicking. The joints holding the laptop’s display look fragile and the keyboard also has more than enough flexibility, which makes it look fragile. The clicks of the mouse buttons are also loud, so clicking frequently can also irritate you.

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    ASUS N80vc comes with huge memory of up to 4GB, which is sufficient for almost all business needs. The laptop includes a fast Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz processor and SATA 320GB hard disk drive. It also includes a NVIDIA 9300M GS graphics chipset and glossy 14.1 inch WXGHA LED screen, which together make the graphics look so real. There is also a HDMI out for watching HD videos, optional Blue-ray and Dolby Surround that produces super sound quality. This notebook is priced at $1200, which easily comes in the range of many.

    People who want to keep sensitive, confidential data on the laptop will definitely appreciate the built-in fingerprint reader and the facial recognition feature. The included SmartLogon Manager software will let you set a password and take your mug shot with the camera in system's lid. Whenever you will boot the machine, the software will detect your face and log you on to Windows without any intervention. The face detection can impress you when it will detect your face's various facial features, even in different lightning conditions. The N80Vc’s AuthenTec fingerprint sensor allows fingerprint authentication prior to Windows logon. This is one of the most reliable and smart ways for performing user authentication. If you do not want to use the fingerprint or facial recognition method, you can turn the feature off to enable a standard Windows user log-in.

    ASUS N80vc uses Express Gate technology (formerly called Splashtop) that enables super-fast boot up for accessing many popular software and features such as Skype, online gaming, instant messenger, Web browser and music player. When the user wishes to run any of these applications without waiting to load Windows first, by just hitting the quick launch button on the keyboard, the Express Gate will load a Linux-based interface presenting the applications the user can quickly run. This is certainly a technology to impress anyone, which saves user’s time as well as effort for running his favorite application within seconds. Express Gate also has networking capabilities that allows you to connect to networks over LAN, WiFi and xDSL.

    The N80vc laptop comprises five USB 2.0 ports, which are plenty for every need. There are many connectivity options in the laptop, which include FireWire, MMC/SD/MS memory card slot, analogue VGA, Ethernet, headphone and microphone jacks as well as Bluetooth and WiFi. The built-in speakers are of high quality that lets you listen and enjoy music maximum.

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    Being rich in hardware specifications, the N80vs does very well in performance. It is a laptop for individuals who are security conscious, want to run heavy software, and also want fast network connectivity options. Featuring a fast speed CPU, a powerful graphics chipset, and 4GB of RAM in a reasonable price makes it a laptop of desire by many. For people having a craze for storing movies in computer, I would admit this machine is not at all for them because its 320 GB hard disk drive is not big enough to accommodate more than a few movies.