What to Look for in an Easy to Use Laptop?

The Laptop Display


Determine the size of display you want. Have a look at width and length of the screen. In some models, screens are wider, whereas some screens are larger in their length.

Select an active-matrix display (TFT, for example). It offers both the best visual quality as well as quick response. This is suitable to users who have impaired eye-sight and also those interested in playing high-quality video games.

There is an alternative to TFT displays, called HPA (High-Performance Addressing). This, too provides somewhat similar picture quality to TFT and also consumes comparatively less battery.

Check also the brightness, colors, and clearness of the picture before buying the laptop.

Adjustable Displays

Some modern laptops come with adjustable screens, which can be rotated either horizontally, vertically, or in both directions. These are commonly known as convertibles because they can act as a tablet PC as well as a conventional laptop.

Convertible Laptop

This design is best for those who wish to use laptops while lying on bed or sitting elsewhere in an uncomfortable position.The adjustable screen allow users to move the screen to a position that is most comfortable for them to view.

Some laptop displays, such as on this Phillips, can be raised up which offers some help to those sitting on a chair at higher position than of the laptop.

Adjustable Laptop Display

My suggestion is that you look at all types of laptops. Test the comfort of the laptop display, and choose the one you feel offers the best viewable position.

Touchpad / Trackpoint

Both Touchpad and Trackpoint come at different positions on laptop PCs. Besides their standard middle position, now these come also at left and right hand side of the laptop. Both right and left handed persons can take advantage of the different positioning of the touchpad/trackpoint.

Touchpads are the most popular in laptops and is good enough for all type of users. Very few laptops come with trackpoints. Most IBM and Lenovo models and some business models as well come with trackpoints. The trackpoint allow users to push the nub in direction they wish move the cursor. Some trackpoint models also support a clicking action. A user presses the nub downward to click on something. Unlike a touchpad, we can move the pointer in one direction without lifting your finger off the nub. This helps in increased productivity in data processing, especially as coders can take full advantage of this.


Laptop Weight

Some laptop PCs are heavy to carry and some are almost "weightless." It is obvious all laptop buyers would consider a light weight laptop, but all of them are not as light as we might expect them to be. Among the different variety of laptop PCs, most new ones weigh very little. For those interested in extraordinarily lightweight laptops, they are available and are commonly known as "ultralights." Choose an ultralight unit if light weight is the main requirement. It weighs less than five pounds and can easily fit in a briefcase. It is one the best options for students and business users. Don’t worry about its display size, it too, as it comes in a good sizes. 12-inch displays are now common in new ultralight laptop models.

Ultralight Laptop

Miscellaneous Features

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices often come integrated in many laptop models. However, those models that do not have these devices integrated can have external USB device connected to them. Some users might be uneasy having external device(s) attached to their laptops because of the additional space they require.

The body of laptop PCs can get a little hot if used for long durations. It's of course not too uncomfortable, but those users who always keep it on their lap while using it might wish for a better laptop that does not heat up so much. Although there isn't any laptop model designed specifically to produce less heat, if it is a real concern to the user, he can always contact the laptop manufacturer to get details on this.

Laptops have input and output points for devices such as headphone, microphone, keyboard, etc. These points are sometimes found at different sides of the laptops. Those users who keep connected different devices with their Laptops might feel comfortable if those input/output points were at their desired location in the laptops. When buying a laptop, this is another important thing to consider if looking for an "easy to use" laptop PC.


Laptop components such as display, touchpad, etc come in many different designs as we have seen above. Not all designs are easy to use for everyone. One may like something in laptop design while another might dislike it. The aforementioned designs and specifications of laptop components can be considered when looking for an easy to use laptop.